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Maybe Calipari can recruit some football players, too?

Hey, everybody, long time, no see.  I thought I'd jump on the moaning, teeth-gnashing bandwagon while it was still rolling and put our fair fanbase into even more panic and turmoil by examining Kentucky's recruiting class for FOOTBALL in 2010.  You remember football, don't you?  The game with that oblong ball and the grass with pads and stuff?  Good.

I checked Rivals this morning because I'd noticed a complete dearth of comment on Joker's first freshman class as head coach and nearly had an aneurysm.  Brace yourselves, Cats fans: sliding in at last place in the SEC (and it's not even close), your own Kentucky Wildcats.  We have zero five star commitments (expected).  We have zero four star commitments (not expected at all).  We have fifteen three stars (meh).  And some other guys to carry Morgan Newton's Gatorade, I guess.

What gives?  Wasn't Joker's strategy of (1) Don't sign anyone early; (2)__________; (3) PROFIT! supposed to bring in some really stellar high school talent?  Wasn't that part of the whole "head coach in waiting" benefits package, recruiting continuity and improvement?  Why is that dog over there laughing at me?  These are a lot of questions that I would like to answer, but cannot.  Here's hoping Joker knows what he's doing, or his seat will start heating up before he even gets to sit in it.

Okay, that's that.  You may now resume attacking our basketball team via Twitter, Omegle, and YouFace.  Go Cats!