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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Late Edition

Yes, it's late, but I wanted to get in another edition of the Big Blue Daily Mail before I hit the rack and mail myself off to the land where the Kentucky Wildcats pay back the Vanderbilt Commodores for the 93-52 drubbing they put on us back in 2007-08.

Just for the fun of it, let's relive that game for a moment:



Oh, that's nice, isn't it?  Is anybody getting in that sensation again, that wonderful feeling of being obliterated in Nashville by an embarrassing margin?  I'll bet you are.

Why am I dredging up such a painful memory?  Because it's all I can ever think about whenever I think of the Commodores, this unpaid debt.  Yes, we owe several teams one, but we can't get them all back at once.  This one, however, is the one I would most like to put paid to.

I'm not talking in-kind revenge -- Vandy is probably too good for us to hang a 41-point thumping on.  I'll settle for fifteen or twenty.  Frankly, I'd settle for a one-point victory in triple-overtime, but I feel like shooting for the moon here. 

At this point in time, there really isn't much doubt that UK is more talented than the Commodores.  There also isn't much doubt that the Commodores are much more experienced, and that does give me pause.  But again, why not be positive?  After the recent disappointment in Columbia, I think the 'Cats will be, in the words of Gimli son of Glóin, "Fully armed and filthy."

But more on that tomorrow.  Right now, the news after the jump.