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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- "We're Number One" Edition.

Do you hear that sound, Big Blue Nation?  That is the sound of ... inevitability.  It is the sound of the ascension of your Wildcats to the top of the NCAA basketball polls.

And a sweet sound it is.

I think most Wildcat fans will agree that Kentucky played its best basketball of the season yesterday so far, and the Arkansas Razorbacks were the unfortunate opponent against which the young 'Cats decided to demonstrate how good this team can be when they really exert themselves for 20+ minutes.  I say 20+ minutes and not 40, because UK achieved such a dominant position (note the game flow chart) that they took their foot off the gas for the last 12 minutes or so of the game.

With the defeat of former #1Texas Longhorns for the second straight game, Kentucky can see exactly how tough life can be on the road, and the Wildcats go back on the road Tuesday against a tough South Carolina Gamecocks  team that lost a heartbreaker yesterday in Gainesville versus the Florida Gators.

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