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August 6, 2009

July: After the Atlanta and Bills workout I had the month of July to work on my conditioning.  I also worked with the Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux, Louisiana.  I had the opportunity to work out with Peyton and Eli (Manning).  I also picked up some tips from Colt's receiver Anthony Gonzalez.  It was my second year working the camp, and it is honestly one of my favorite things to do.  The Mannngs are terrific, and I got to meet a lot of coaches from around the country.

August: I had a workout with the Saints and had head coach Sean Payton throwing me passes.  I wasn't pleased with my workout at all, and felt I missed an opportunity.  Since then I have been battling a nasty cold.  I was on my way to the doctor to get a shot when the Atlanta Falcons called and invited me to their training camp.  I literally had to throw all my stuff in a bag and head to the airport.  I was sitting in the New Orleans airport with a bag full of whatever was not in the laundry, and a bag of cold medicine.  This could be my only shot, so I have to forget about everything: the cold, my knee, and the fact that I might only be a "camp body."  Whoever is in front of me better be ready to die out there, because I will!

August 5: I got cut from the Atlanta Falcons before I even stepped on the field.  Within 24-hours I went through a roller coaster of emotions.  Obviously, I wasn't a huge priority for the Falcons and they decided I was not needed.  That is fine by me; life goes on.  I was on the verge of coming back to Lexington to finally start my llfe with my wife, and dog, but I will still be training to be ready for anyone who calls, because I am opening my own training facility in Lexington.

LyonHeartSportsAcademy: Former Kentucky teammate Shomari Moore and myself will be opening a training facility for kids and young adults from ages eight and up.  It was created for the sole purpose of helping children, adults, and collegiate athletes with enhancing their speed, strength, and flexibility.  In addition, they will learn a multitude of different techniques that will also improve their linear, lateral, and vertical movements, which will help them excel in their respective sports.  Today's sports are fast-paced, physical, and played at high speeds.  If you have any questions you can email me at or go to our web-site:

Dicky Lyons, Jr.