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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- UK Fans Just Make Internet Polling Impossible

Gary Parrish has a kind of semi-pathetic, semi-flattering article today about Kentucky fans, and I really don't know what to make of it.  Here is a taste:

Now it's time to take all nine winners (even if I don't agree with all nine winners) and rank them. We had planned to throw them in one big poll and see which college basketball arena emerged with the most votes, but that's too easy. Plus Rupp Arena would run away the thing.

Why Rupp?

Because Kentucky plays in Rupp Arena, which means Kentucky fans would skew the results because, frankly, they just care about this kind of stuff more than the rest of you. As I've pointed out before, any online poll that includes somebody or something connected to Kentucky basketball will be won by somebody or something connected to Kentucky basketball. It never fails.

Okay, so Parrish is telling us that he can't run an on-line poll because, well, Kentucky fans care more about on-line polls than anyone else?  Or is he suggesting we have nothing better to do with our time?  Or something else, who knows?  Anyway, his point is that he can't subject this arena ranking to a vote because he's sure Kentucky fans will skew the results.

Let's think about this logic for just a second.  Isn't a really big part of what makes an arena great the passion and interest of the denizens thereof?  Apparently not in Parrish's world.  It seems that it's more about something else, and what exactly is that?  Well, quite frankly, it appears to be Parrish's preferences, (mainly the age of the facility) or else he believes himself more qualified to speak to the question than anyone else who actually cares about it (which, by the way, is apparently mostly UK fans, if his complaint is to be taken seriously).

Anyway, this is all kind of silly, I guess.  I sympathize with Parrish in a way -- when you are a basketball writer or blogger in the middle of summer, you will seize on almost anything to generate a little controversy or interest in your readers, so perhaps that's the gist of Gary's article.  He surely knows UK fans will either feel flattered or take umbrage to his comments, so he has a built-in audience there, plus whatever haters he can interest by stating the issue in such a way as to invite derision.

Predictably, Parrish puts Cameron Indoor stadium first.  Apparently he likes small, hot, dingy arenas with tiny sellout crowds.  Maybe he was denied intimacy as a child and finds the setting cozy.  I think maybe ol' Gary needs to attend the UK-Louisville game this year.  He might change his mind -- that is, if it isn't liquefied by the outrageous decibel level he would likely experience.

All the places he picks above Rupp are much older venues, so maybe he's merely a sucker for tradition.  But we of the Big Blue Nation aren't fooled.  We know that the tradition is not in the arena, it is in the program, and the fans, and everything else that goes along with it.  Gary might not get it, but the Big Blue Nation does.  That's why we are always #1 in these things -- because UK fans really do care about it, and so many of these other so-called "tradition-rich" schools have fans that simply pretend to care.

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