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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

This week is the deep breath before the plunge into football season.  It is time.  It is here.

The greatest thing about football season for Kentucky fans is that it means basketball season is only about six weeks away.  To football fans in the SEC, that may seem like blasphemy,  but to most of us here in the Commonwealth, it is bliss.

But Kentucky football will get its share of attention, and this football team looks like one of Brooks' best, at least judging by what we are hearing in practice.  There has been very little controversy, and even less rulebreaking that is hitting the public airwaves, like this Michigan story.  I feel for the Wolverine fans, because this is the kind of one-sided, more-opinion-than-fact reporting UK has seen all summer regarding Calipari.  I agree with Dave that this must cease, but it will not -- sadly.

Today was a half-day of golf today (which is why I am so late getting a post up), and I had my best game this year -- 43 (with a snowman on one hole) on the front, 37 on the back (with an untimely double-bogey) for an 80.  The only disappointment is that it could have just as easily been a 75.  Oh, well, maybe next time.

Now, for the news.

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  • Prediction time for the college football season
    Crawford goes with the safe bet -- 7-5.

  • Bowl awaits 6-6 Cats |
    But not everyone agrees.

  • Trevard Lindley profile |
    Trevard Lindley is about to put the finishing touches on what could be the best-ever career by a University of Kentucky defensive back.

  • Kentucky maintains connection to LaGragne High football - Sports -
    LAGRANGE, Ga. — The resurgence of Kentucky football has been in part due to a growing number of LaGrange High products. Former Grangers have been a fixture on the Wildcats’ roster in recent years and played a key role in three straight bowl wins for the once struggling program.

  • Kentucky team preview - USC Football 2009 Season Preview
    Why USC Won't Win: Rich Brooks. The legendary coach has turned Kentucky from the league's laughing stock to one other teams fear to play against. That won't change in 2009, as Brooks looks to lead the Wildcats to a fourth consecutive bowl victory. Kentucky's players know that they haven't played up to their abilities against the Gamecocks lately and seem determined to get the proverbial monkey off of their back in Columbia this season. All streaks must come to an end, and the Wildcats and their veteran coach feel certain that they'll notch their first victory over Carolina this decade come October.

    Brooks is "legendary?" I love me some Rich Brooks, but I have never heard him referred to as "legendary." But I guess I'm okay with it, especially if he manages a fourth winning season in a row.

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