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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Walking Away From Memphis Edition

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I must confess, I am rather tired of talking about the Memphis violations, and having to explain the same point over and over and over again to people who insist on ignoring what I wrote the first time.  I guess one of these days I'll learn just to write something and not bother to defend it, or perhaps I just need to become a better writer so nobody will ask. 

Either way, I am moving on, at least for the nonce.  But Calipari has a defense coming from me to the voluminous complaints against him.  I just don't have time to do that today, because Mrs. Tru and I are heading off to the Kentucky State Fair to see Keith Urban in concert.  Oh, yeah, babe -- Fair food and fair tunes -- gotta love it.

Here are some news articles for your perusal.  Yes, there are some Memphis items in there, but mostly offered for their unintended humor.

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