10-2?! Yes. Sounds good

As we enter the football season optimism is running rampant across America. Every team is "even better than last year", has "great freshmen stepping into roles" and no one has lost a game. I fall right in line with that optimism when it comes to this years Cats and go on to rationalize a 10-2 season. WHAT? 10 - 2? Yep.  

Follow me on this week by week drama........

First, to establish just a few assumptions. (These are always handy as an excuse should the season spiral into something resembling a slo-motion train wreck.)  

  1. Hartline will find in himself a confident arm
  2. Running backs will carry the ball with authority
  3. Receivers will run correct route/catch balls
  4. Our defensive ends will rise to the occasion  

Sept 5 - Miami (OH) at Cincinnati - Win by 17

A win, but not by as much as expected. Game missed by most folks when ESPNU accidentally rebroadcasts the 2004 Mich State vs Hawaii game.  


Sept 19 - Louisville at home - Win by 35

Remember Florida vs Ohio State two years ago. Same thing - Louisville returns Kick-off for TD then pretty much collapses. Kragthorpe enshrined at UK.  


Sept 26 - Florida at home - lose by a 18

Highlight of game - Tebow jump pass doesn't work and Florida doesn't score a safety.  


Oct 3 - Alabama at home - win by 3

Alabama's new quarterback intercepted by Trevard Lindley twice, once run back for TD. Running backs carry load in first half. Hartline on fire second half and receivers catch everything in a come from behind victory. Visitors locker room door needs replacing when Saban rams horns through door after game.   Note: Petrino softened up defensive secondary the previous week.


Oct 10 - South Carolina away - win by 28

Garcia completes three passes to Spurrier. Spurrier responds by hiding favorite driver in Garcia'a anatomy while rotating freshmen quarterbacks the rest of the game. Hartline has off day but Sieber goes 7 of 15 on field goals and defense scores 2 TDs.  


Oct 17 - Auburn away - win by 10

Gus Malzahn's offense can only be figured out by the Kentucky defense. Auburn held to Tuberville numbers while Kentucky passes and runs and passes and runs - well, you get the idea. Fun day except for some fumbles and interceptions. Cats should have won by 30.  Cheesesteak says "It worked at Iowa State, though - almost"


Oct 24 - La. Monroe at home - win by 45

My word, what a butt kicking! Everything works - Tydlacka scores TD!  


Oct 31 - Miss State at home - win by (pick a number between 14 and 60)

Shouldn't have been this close. MSU only able to field 20 players after previous week pummeling by Florida. Mullen realizes he's not in Gainesville anymore and is seen clicking his heels together a saying "I want to go home, I want to go home."  


Nov 7 - Bye week Eastern Ky - win

Kentucky starts all freshmen on both sides of the ball and uses single wing offense. Newton runs/passes for 500 yards.  


Nov 14 - Vandy away - win by 21

Just like the old days. Vandy goes to third string quarterback after Maxwell, Peters, Huzzie, Johnson, Lumpkin, Cobble and company destroy Vandy's O-Line and knock out the first two. It helps that this is their 11th game without a bye and previous week was at Florida. Thank you Gators.  


Nov 21 - Georgia away - lose by 28

Reality check. They build up with Tennessee Tech then Auburn before Kentucky. They are ready, we are not. Coach Brooks provides succinct explanation -"bullshit!"  


Nov 28 - Tenn at home - Win by.....who cares...we WIN!

The stars align. College Gameday shows up, ESPN tells Davis, Bilas, Knight and Phelps "Wrong Ky/Tenn game, come back later". Monkeys leaving Lexington by the hundreds. Most popular baby names in Kentucky are Joker and Brooks and for at least 45 seconds less than 1000 people in Kentucky are simultaneously thinking about basketball.  


Ahhh, what a year.

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