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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Small Sports Edition

Today, we will lead off with a few of the items from the smaller UK sports, or at least, the UK sports which do not earn the kind of $$ that football and basketball earn.  There is quite a bit of good news in that area.

Leading off (pardon the pun), we have Bat Cats left-hander James Paxton deciding to eschew the major leagues (namely, the Blue Jays) for another season in Blue and White.  Paxton is one of our best pitchers, and his return to the rotation will be huge for next year's baseball team.

Our second item is UK volleyball, which is picked to finish second in the SEC.  UK's volleyball team has been rising of late, and it is nice to see them continuing to make headlines.

Finally, Barry Rice of the UK soccer team is tabbed as pre-season defensive player of the year.

Now, for the rest of the news:

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