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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- UK Basketball Schedule Edition

You know, I can understand the UK athletics and marketing guys wanting to milk this whole John Calipari thing for what it's worth.  I can understand that they may want to gin up as much excitement, blog buzz and fan euphoria as possible.  I totally get that.  Totally.

But it's just ridiculous to be waiting for the basketball schedule this long.  It really is.  And all the brinksmanship and games they are playing with the schedule release has gotten on my last nerve.  So here's my message to UK:  Release the schedule, for Heaven's sake!  If you must run a two-hour prime-time infomercial to do it, fine, but release the darn thing.  Too much of a good thing is, well, too much.

Now, for the news.

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Other News of Interest

  • The Unreal Usain Bolt
    Unreal? Unholy is more like it. I think he is praying to JoBu.

  • No Pryor complaints -
    FOXBORO - There was no sack dance for Myron Pryor. Not even after bringing down a quarterback for the first time in his first start in his first game. The Patriots rookie defensive lineman knows better than that. After he tackled Eagles star Donovan McNabb for a 6-yard loss in the Patriots’...

  • Rookies shine on Patriots’ defensive line - Brockton, MA - The Enterprise
    All three rookies had at least one tackle in the Pats’ 27-25 victory over the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field Thursday, but [former UK player Myron] Pryor earned the most attention. He had two solo tackles, including a sack of Donovan McNabb that knocked the Eagles back to their 31-yard line in a second-quarter drive that stalled out three plays later. He also had a quarterback hurry.

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