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Rick Pitino News Conference/Statement

Rick Pitino made a prepared statement, and said things had been difficult.  He made a decision to do what he has done over the last seven months because of something he preached to his players over the last 30 years; (paraphrasing) "tell the truth and it becomes part of your past -- tell a lie, and it becomes part of your future."  He said that he told the truth to everyone in law enforcement, his family and his employers.  He wanted to tell his extended family he was sorry for his indiscretion six years ago.  He also apologized to the press, and to the University of Louisville.

He considers his extended family his fans.  He invoked 9-11 as being an issue that he needed the Louisville community to help him get over.  He said he will cooperate with the authorities and he believes in the judicial system.  He plans on accomplishing one thing, regardless of how difficult it is, to coach at U of L as long as he has the passion for coaching basketball, he loves the university, the community and the state and would like to coach as long as long as they will have him.

He wants to take U of L past the elite eight, but mainly wants to apologize to his players, his family, the University, his friends and the press.

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