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OK, If You Thought Pitino Was News ...

EDSBS?  Really? (via <a href="">Alex Schweigert</a>)
EDSBS? Really? (via Alex Schweigert)

...then check this out:

Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDSBS), one of the biggest and best college football blogs in the known universe, has joined SB Nation.

If you are a college football fan and read blogs, you should immediately grasp how huge this is.  The redoubtable Orson Swindle (Spencer Hall) has been on my must-read list for years, and having he and his friends become a part of the SB Nation family of blogs is the biggest news around here in quite some time.

EDSBS will still be using the same blogging platform for a couple of weeks until some loose ends are tied up, but pretty soon they will be sitting pretty on the best technical platform in the blogosphere with an even bigger reach than before.

Just in time for football season.  Sometimes, the universe makes so much sense ...