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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Welcome to My Poster Edition

Much has been made of John Wall's recent, "Welcome to my poster," throw down over former Tar Heel Jerry Stackhouse, and of course, it is certainly newsworthy and schadenfreude-worthy.  But that pales completely in comparison with a recent effort by Virginia Tech, putting up a permanent memorial to Deron Washington's "teabag" of Greg Paulus.

Now, for the news:

Top Stories

  • Early Highlight for Kentucky Recruit - The Quad Blog -
    The viral Wall over Stackhouse video hits the New York Times. Kind of cool ...

  • Calipari-isms " Crossroads Christian Church: Andover Campus
    Interesting comments here. I particularly like this one:

    "Players have to be self-motivated. If a player comes back after the summer overweight or out of shape, I say, ‘You kidder. You don’t really want to play in the NBA. Let’s figure out what you want to do with your life.’" Then he added, "If you have to watch them all the time, they will never be effective and neither will you."


  • Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios: UK Basketball
    This is thoughtful and interesting. I pretty much agree with everything in here.

  • Shanoff's W.U.C.: Panic Time for BoSox Fans?
    YouTube Clip of the Day: That would be John Wall dunking on Jerry Stackhouse in a summer-league game. Wall is not just already the best player in college basketball, but he could start in the NBA tomorrow -- which is why he will be the No. 1 overall pick of the NBA Draft in 2010.

    Well. There you go.

UK Basketball News

UK Football News

Other UK Sports News

NCAA Sports News

  • Could we see Jasper in town again?
    No, not in Lexington, but in his home town.

  • SEC 'Lightbulb' Jokes
    Very, very funny. I love these things. C'mon, laugh at yourself!

  • FIU basketball snares coveted recruit Dominique Ferguson
    I know I linked a similar article before, but I use this as an opportunity to ask a question: When will we be hearing about how Thomas is violating NCAA rules? How could he otherwise recruit such talent to a school like FIU? Just askin' ... (note tongue firmly in cheek)

  • Frustrated by title game loss, Sooners start anew
    The Sooners have won an unprecedented three straight Big 12 titles and have three straight BCS bowl defeats to show for it, with back-to-back Fiesta Bowl losses to Boise State and West Virginia preceding the Gators' triumph in Miami.

    Heh. Kind of the reverse of UK, but on a much grander scale.

  • Breaking down the Coaches Poll | Mr. College Football
    SEC (5): Florida (1), Alabama (5), LSU (9), Ole Miss (10), Georgia (13). It’s not surprising to have five SEC teams ranked. It’s not totally surprising to have four in the Top 10, because Ole Miss is getting a lot of love from a lot of people. What is surprising is for the SEC not to have a team ranked in positions 14-25. Auburn, Kentucky, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee all received votes. Vanderbilt and Mississippi State were the only SEC teams which did not receive votes. Interesting.

Other News of Interest

The Daily Schadenfreude

  • Kentucky is ridiculous...
    I just have to laugh. Embrace. The. Hate.

  • Wright headed to Pitt
    Indiana loses one to the Panthers, but his list of suitors isn't exactly a "who's who" of college basketball. Solid schools, but none of the really elite.