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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Summertime in Kentucky

Today, I'm blogging from the deck since the weather is so nice.  Unfortunately, there is just not that much to talk about (well, there is this other piece I am working on and hope to have up later, but we can talk about that later).  So instead of pussyfooting around, I'll just get right to the news of the last couple of days:

Top Stories

  • Calipari discusses walk-ons
    I hate to see Dwight Perry go, but I respect Calipari's philosophy. Who can legitimately question it, given his success? Thanks to all our former walk-on's for the hard work they put in. Best wishes to you all.
  • Cats TE Drake named to Mackey watch list
    Awesome news for the football 'Cats.

  • What is "cheating" in sports?
    Austin Burton of Dime Magazine asks some very good, very hard questions about what fans and media consider, "cheating in sports."

    I really like this piece and think it raises some very good questions, not the least of which are why do we give some forms of cheating a nod and a wink while moralizing about others?

  • Austin Rivers is back on the market. Billy D. cannot be pleased.
    Biggest word of the day out of Orlando is that Florida commitment Austin Rivers (photo) said he was going to look at other schools. He said his father, Doc Rivers, wants him to explore all of his options. He said he's "still committed" to Florida but mentioned Duke.


  • Lindley is old school, too
    This young man has his head screwed on right.

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