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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- A Quickie from the Road Back to Kentucky

I am on my way back from Deee-twa, home of the Pistons, Ford, General Motors, and as it turns out, other businesses with which I deal.  This is an 20-hour+ day, from 4:00AM this morning to about 12:30AM tomorrow morning if my plane is on time.  I'll be making up for it by taking tomorrow off and playing golf, so blogging could be light.

So without much further ado (my plane leaves in a few minutes), here is the news:

Top Stories:




UK Basketball News

UK Football News

  • Woodyard will always be True Blue | Vaught's Views
    "The money is one thing, but I always love Kentucky. what I did here I can never forget and never will forget. it's like my second home here. I will always come back to Lexington and will always have that love for Kentucky."

    I could read this over and over again. I do miss Wesley Woodyard.

Other UK Sports News

  • None today.

NCAA Sports News

Other News of Interest

The Daily Schadenfreude

  • Message Boards: UK and its dominance
    There used to be a basketball school named Kentucky - and it did have a long and proud history.

    Unfortunately, it is no more. In making its current coaching hire it has traded decades of tradition for the quick fix. It has sold its soul.

    Embrace. The. Hate.

  • The Dookies never cease to amuse.
    At some point, the NCAA has to catch up with Calipari, right? He cannot just walk away from violations repeatedly. And the scholarship crunch is going to scare a lot of recruits away. But hey, better Knight to Kentucky than UNC. 


  • Some UConn sweetness as well.
    Gilchrist and Irving might want to play together, which is the main reason Kentucky is looking at Irving. I hate Calipari. He throws the kids who worked hard and are real student athletes off the team for his one and done players. He is a sucky coach, just pays his players and lets them do whatever they want. If he doesn't get his 5 top 25 guys a year his teams are horrible.

    Heh.  Feel the love.