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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Matt Pilgrim Moves On, and Other Tidbits

The big news of today is that Matt Pilgrim has decided to play for Travis Ford at Oklahoma State University.  That's good news for Pilgrim and good news for Travis Ford.

Coach Calipari was reportedly working with Josh Pastner to try to get Pilgrim to Memphis, but apparently, that didn't work for Pilgrim for some reason.  As we all no doubt remember, Pilgrim was said to have been very impressive in workouts last year versus Patrick Patterson, and was highly touted by some recruiting insiders around the UK program.  Now he his headed west, and I hope the NCAA can see their way clear to let Pilgrim play immediately.  It's bad enough that he wasn't invited back to the UK team, but it would be heaping insult onto injury if the NCAA forces him to sit out yet another year, which presumably would also cost him a year of eligibility.

Now for the rest of the news, of which there is not too much today.

Top Stories

UK Basketball News

UK Football News

  • Hartline says he's 'the guy'
    '"I don't really read the newspapers or message boards too much," he said. "My mom does, and it upsets her, but some of the things I've heard people say about me are the same things they said about (ex-UK quarterback) Andre (Woodson). The next thing you know, he blows up.'

    Interesting. So if the kids themselves don't read the on-line stuff, the parents apparently do.

  • Cats in no rush with football recruiting
    Kentucky is trying to get involved with more elite prospects. We definitely need to do that.

Other UK Sports News

  • None today

NCAA Sports News

  • One-and-done controversy still lingers
    I think it's time to just shut up and see what happens. This thing may resolve itself.

  • Henry-Kansas Saga Offers Proof NBA Rule Wrong for College Basketball
    "Clearly, the Henry boys and their dad have little interest in school. The NBA and it's minimum-age requirement is forcing a one-year marriage between the Henrys and KU we all know will end badly. C.J., a 23-year-old former Yankees prospect and a skilled 6-foot-3 point guard, could have given the NBA a shot but he's a bit rusty after a few years in the minors, and doesn't possess the can't-miss talent of his younger brother in basketball."

    If it ends badly, it will be because the Henry Boys don't have discipline to do the right thing. They should both have gone to Europe if they see college as that much of a burden. It's also interesting to note that Xavier Henry is a good student. But in spite of that, he can't be troubled to go to class and live up to his end of the bargain? I think he can and will.

  • Dan Wolken: Tigers pursue class of the class
    Pastner has Memphis recruiting going in the right direction, that's for sure.

  • Devils may play more zone this season
    Heh. That should be interesting.

Other News of Interest

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