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Dicky's World

July 1, 2009

As the month of July begins, I am starting to feel like the old me.  My leg is getting stronger, my routes are sharper, and I'm sporting a pretty good tan.  I increased my workouts to three times per day to get into tip-top shape.

I have one more scheduled NFL workout, and that is with the Saints later this month.  I am also working the Manning Passing Academy, and will have a workout with Eli and Peyton Manning.  Hopefully, I can impress them, along with the many NFL coaches who attend their camp.  I just need to get my foot in the door.

Some guys get the take their shoes off and put their slippers, walking into the NFL.  I'm not one of those guys.  I'm the guy who is going to have to break in the back door, and convince them to let me stay.  That's all I have right now.

On a personal note: My dad and I are doing a radio ad for Kentucky National Insurance.  So, listen for it on the radio.  It's funny.

Dicky Lyons, Jr.