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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Celtic Wildcats Wednesday

Two stories this morning, one about Rajon Rondo, who is doing really well in the NBA, and one about Antoine Walker, who is doing really poorly in ... well, in life, I guess.

What is interesting is that these two guys have a lot in common.  Both were two-year players at UK, and both had really good but not great careers at UK, both have championships (Walker at UK and Miami and Rondo with the Celtics), both were McDonalds All-Americans and both were first-round draft picks.  Walker had a solid NBA career but throughout 12 years, he has always been pegged with an attitude problem.  I suppose some of those chickens have come home to roost in his recent legal troubles.

Antoine Walker is a bit of a cautionary tale for Rondo.  His current woes are what can happen if you don't make the most of your time in the NBA or take it for granted.  I sincerely hope he is paying attention.

Top Stories

  • Jessica Camerato | Rondo Leading by Example
    This is a really good article that discusses Rajon Rondo's growth as a player for the Boston Celtics. I think it's cool that guys like Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings look at Rajon with such respect. Look at this quote from Toney Douglas:

    "He came in and a lot of people weren't too high on him coming out of college," Douglas said. "They said he didn't do too good in college and he wound up being in the right situation and took his team to the playoffs playing real well. A lot of them were really iffy if he could play the point in the NBA and stuff like that but he proved a lot of people wrong."

    Rondo had a really good individual college career for a two-year player, so this perception really strikes me as interesting. My thinking is that the relative lack of success that Kentucky has enjoyed the last four years have made rookies like Douglas misremember reality. Anyway, a great article full of interesting stuff by a talented young NBA writer.

  • Antoine Walker’s green woes -

  • Redskins ink Jarmon to four-year contract
    Nice payday for JJ.

  • Indianapolis star recruit visits Kentucky
    We really could use this kid.


UK Basketball News

  • Pearl speaks on Selby
    I don't really see anything here to get exercised about. I think Pearl is right, and I think that Kentucky and Calipari did not contact Selby after he committed.

  • Now There's a Problem
    I mostly agree with this piece, but I have to take exception to this graf:

    Why is it unreasonable for Wildcat fans to demand excellence when other programs of similar historic stature can do so? North Carolina, UCLA, Duke, Indiana, Kansas, Connecticut, Michigan State and many other top quality programs wouldn't stand for a stretch that Kentucky has endured. There would be a lot of hand-wringing and complaining from any of those fans bases if recruiting had become virtually non-existent and if the quality wins became more and more rare.

    Maybe the author has forgotten, but North Carolina, UCLA, and Indiana have gone through similar stretches.  They did "stand for it" pretty much the same way UK has.  One could argue that Duke is going through the beginnings of one right now.

UK Football News

Other UK Sports News

  • None today

NCAA Sports News

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The Daily Schadenfreude

  • "What I did on My Summer Vacation"
    June 30th.... Hung out with Ej today and ASked him if the story about him going to Kentucky waiving the Ku T-shirt was true, and he confirmed it was. To which I responded, while you were there did Calipari try to steal your recruitment too..... He laughed and said, Calipari was too busy finding someone to take John Wall's SAT's for him.

    Have a laugh now, guys.  I will enjoy your future pain.

  • Duke’s BIG Recruit: Josh Hairston | Box of M.E.S.S.
    Did Kentucky or Memphis ever get in on your recruitment. If so, were you lured off by all the scandals that are going on there? No they did not.

    Scandals at Kentucky?  Please.  What a bogus question.