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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Coach Cal Backhands the Cardinals

After a short hiatus, the Big Blue Daily Mail returns today with a lead story that is a couple of days old. I read about this late Monday night, and the whole Josh Selby thing blew up in my face and I have not had time to address it. 

What I am talking about is a recent talk Calipari had in Pikeville, where, according to Brett Dawson:

Calipari said that people in the state should "calm down about Louisville," noting that other high-profile programs either are on the Wildcats' schedule now (North Carolina) or might be soon (Duke, Kansas).

Heh.  Now, I don't know about you, but if I were a Cardinals fan, I would not be amused by this.  Calipari is clearly elevating Duke, Kansas, and UNC over Kentucky's #1 rival as a big game on the schedule.  In other words, "Little brother, your program just don't stack up, and we aren't worried about you."

Matt Jones touches on this aspect in this blog, but I do wonder if it stuck in the craw of the the Louisville faithful, or if they simply didn't pick up on the subtleties of the comment.  No way to know, but a quick perusal of some of the Cardinal boards did not show any discernable reaction.  I'm not sure if that speaks more to their aplomb, or ... something less complimentary.  I shall decline to speculate.

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UK Basketball News

  • Tony Jones: ‘Something smells’
    An interesting post and a dose of reality. I don't get what is so "disagreeable" about Calipari, but to each his own. At least he didn't descend into pejoratives, and that's always praiseworthy.

  • Josh Selby De-Commits. Is UK Interested? Did Pearl Get Backdoored? Is Nike Involved?
    Another good analysis of the Selby situation.

  • Will Kentucky Always Be the Bad Guy? It's Looking That Way.
    Heh. Love the graphic in the middle of the page.

  • X’s & O’s of Basketball: How Much Does Tradition Really Matter??
    My own opinion is that tradition does matter, especially in a basketball crazed town like Lexington. I lived near Bloomington, Indiana for a year and its the same at IU. Coach Tom Crean gets it. Tradition matters, it matters to what kind of leader you will be.

    Interesting counterpoint to my earlier assertion that tradition does not matter anymore, at least to recruits. But no doubt, it matters to UK fans.

  • Hazard to host Calipari, UK Basketball Camp
  • Tweet U: John Calipari's son heads to Vegas
    Eamonn Brennan links a Sports by Brooks post which mocks Calipari's recent tweet about Vegas being a great place to spend time with his 12 year old son, and joins in with a little poo-pooing of his own.

    I wonder if these guys have been to Vegas lately? As I guy who has been countless times (and will be going again in late August), I can tell you Vegas is a lot more like Disneyworld these days than the Las Vegas I remember from the 1980's, when it was still a gambler's town.

    So for my money, I think Calipari is right on -- its a great place for kids and adults to go together because of the wonderful diversity of entertainment and good weather. Catering to kids is a huge part of the Las Vegas scene these days, and the adults don't have to be bored with kiddie rides and tame night life found at many traditional "kid friendly" vacation spots.

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NCAA Sports News

  • Latavious Williams Considering Europe
    Maybe this blog of a few months back explains why Latavious Williams decided to go to China to play. I think we will see more and more of this from the top players, and I am glad. If the NBA won't change their rule, the free market will render it irrelevant.

  • John Clay: The heat is off in SEC
    John Clay says there are no SEC coaches on the hot seat this year. I think he's right.

  • Heh.
    Some funny stuff in here.

  • I Didn't Vote for Tim Tebow |
    So who was the lone vote for Jevan Snead of Ole Miss over Tim Tebow? Darrell Owenby does yeoman's work trying to unravel this disturbing mystery, but I see only three scenarios that make sense:

    1. Some coach holds a secret grudge. None of the coaches holding a public grudge would likely dare -- Richt, Kiffin.
    2. One of the new guys -- Mullen, KIffin, Chizik - These guys could be predisposed to stir the pot, however unlikely.
    3. Nick Saban -- Nick Saban has the personality of an inanimate carbon rod mixed with white vinegar. You don't know what he's thinking unless he's angry, and you don't know who he's angry at unless he goes nuclear.

    There is one other possibility which makes by far the most sense -- Houston Nutt and Urban Meyer traded votes. Nutt voted for Tebow so that Meyer could use that one vote for Snead as motivation for Tim Terrific to be even better, and in turn gives Jevan Snead some well-deserved recognition. Win-win, and just the kind of thing Meyer and Nutt would concoct, as they don't appear to harbor any bitterness toward each other.

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