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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Waiting to Exhale

The news today is fairly pedestrian -- Dave Stengal will not pursue charges against Pitino (shock -- the FBI also declined to do so, also citing credibility and evidence problems), Billy Gillispie is writing a book, and UK is asking the state for $100,000 to fend off the lawsuit he filed against the UKAA.

More on these, and lots of others below.

Top Stories

UK Basketball News

  • SLAM ONLINE | " 09 SEC Recruiting Breakdown
    Nice stuff from SLAM online. The SEC has really done well recruiting this year, not just UK, although UK has inarguably done the best.

  • World Wide Wes and Coach Cal: A History
    Interesting read.

  • Patrick Patterson underrated?
    Wow. Jason King, a Duke alum and fan, picks Patrick Patterson. Who would have thought that? But he makes some very sound points.
  • John Calipari Talks About Nike Peach Jam, Recruiting | WJBF
    Some interesting comments from Coach Cal, particularly about recruiting and the "one and done" rule.

  • UK’s Patterson ascending to legendary status
    An almost lock lottery pick for this year’s NBA draft, Patterson decided to stay and live out college life. That’s his decision and we should applaud him for making a choice as such. Far too often, college teenagers the quick road to the NBA and don’t experience college for what it is. Patterson isn’t one of those people.

    I can't quite agree with this. Patterson could be a lottery pick, but he is a tweener, as many have noted on here. The NBA drafts more on potential than development, so I am not nearly as sanguine as this guy.

UK Football News

Other UK Sports News

  • Nothing today.

NCAA Sports News

Other News of Interest

The Daily Schadenfreude

  • College Football - Despite struggles, Cards' Kragthorpe confident
    Kragthorpe is big on motivational ploys. In 2007, he carried a baseball bat around the football complex as a way of symbolically telling players to be "better after today," a pledge to improve after each practice. He also put mousetraps around the locker room to remind players not to overlook foes.

    Huh? Baseball bat? What kind of motivation are we talking about here?  Mousetraps?  Yikes.