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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

I acknowledge that there are rumors running around about some kind of legal problem for the football team.  I have read some usually reliable sources that give some information, but it is vague, unspecified and therefore unreportable.  I have no clear idea of what happened, and there have been numerous Internet reports from people who claim to have been in close proximity to the events that have caused all this concern.  At this point, though, there is nothing that I can report with any confidence.  I, as well as most of the rest of the Big Blue Nation, will be keeping an eye out for breaking news on this subject.  But right now, I have bupkis except for rumors, which I don't feel comfortable repeating.

Moving on to the news:

Top Stories

  • Which Set of Wildcats Will Land Gilchrist?
    "I should be fired if I waste one cent recruiting that kid," one high-major coach told Gary Parrish of CBS Sports. "[Gilchrist] is going to play for [John Calipari]. It’s done. Trust me. He’s playing for Cal. If you recruit him, you’re wasting your time."

    I think that's what Calipari meant when he said he wanted opposing coaches to walk out of the gym when they found out UK was recruiting the player they were there to see.  He certainly wasted no time getting that done.

  • Bluegrass State Basketball: Catching Up With Former Wildcat Dale Brown
    Great interview by BSB with Dale Brown.  Must read.

UK Basketball News
  • Demarcus Cousins Smiles
    Well. Glad to see Demarcus Cousins is a happy guy after all.

  • From a fishbowl to Milwaukee, Meeks could prove to be a steal - Las Vegas Sun
    "You know, one thing I like about him is he's a high-integrity kid, high-character kid, and he wants to do well -- He's an easy kid to coach," Sampson said. "I don't know that because of his makeup, and just observing him now since last Monday, I'm not sure we should give Kentucky credit for that as much as we should give him credit for that."

    Heh. Kelvin Sampson talking about integrity. Talk about droll.

UK Football News

Other UK Sports News

  • None today.

NCAA Sports News

Other News of Interest

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