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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- News for Kentucky Wildcat Fans, June 4th, 2009

Even though we are still in the throes of the mediagasm over the allegations that a player on Memphis' 2007-08 national runner-up team cheated on his SAT test, there is at least a little more diversity in today's news.  The NBA draft "in or out" deadline is looming, players are beginning to work out for teams in hope of making decisions, football talk is starting to ramp up and we are finally getting to a point where we can look beyond, at least for awhile, all the events surrounding the coaching change at Kentucky.  That won't last long, of course (if it ever actually comes), but that's fine by me.

I would like to formally welcome Dicky Lyons Jr. to A Sea of Blue.  Dicky will be contributing a column periodically about what is going on in his efforts to obtain a spot on an NFL roster, which I am sure he will be able to do.  Dicky was absolutely one of the most exciting and personable players we have had at UK in many years, and the opportunity to bring you his thoughts as he moves through his early career is something we are proud to be able to do.  Ken was the guy who arranged to bring Dicky's World to A Sea of Blue, so make sure you give him some kudos for that hard work.

Obviously, I'll be leaving Dicky's post at the top for the rest of today, so if you want to get down here to the news, you'll have to scroll a bit.  We like to leave our stars at the top of the marquee around here.

Moving on to today's news, there really isn't too much to comment on.  Calipari's detractors are still detracting, and his defenders, including yours truly, are still defending.  As it always does in matters like this, we are settling down to stalemate, but we at A Sea of Blue will be carefully examining any claims of impropriety for facts, fairness and balance if they come from a source we consider worthy of comment.  Believe me, there are many people offering opinion about Kentucky and or Coach Cal that don't meet my threshold for credibility.

So with all that said, let's get to the news:

UK Basketball News

  • Rush The Court gets this one wrong.
    I don't really get what Rush The Court is going for here. Florida did not admit Doneal Mack in spite of being cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse, but that seems that the real reason may have been that Florida wanted to open a scholarship for another player. Mack took the test twice and met the minimum requirements for NCAA admission both times. Seems like a little more research from the usually reliable RTC would have been in order.

  • Jay Bilas Joins the Calipari Defender Camp.
    Someone linked the ESPN Insider teaser yesterday. Here is some commentary from Kentucky Sports Radio. If Jay's argument sounds familiar, it is because it is the one I have been making for days on end.

  • Landon Slone commits to Morehead State.
    Good for Landon, and best of luck. I think he will love it there, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Morehead back in the NCAA tournament again next year.

  • The Pioneer Press interviews Jodie Meeks.
    Jodie thinks he is going to be a first-rounder right now, but says if he doesn't get "definite" answers, he'll go back to school and "... try to compete for a national championship." Either one is fine by me. I would love to have Jodie back, but if he's sure he is a first rounder, he should stay in.

  • Stud 2-guard Will Barton likes Kentucky and Coach Cal.
    Good for us. This is beginning to remind me of how it used to be at Kentucky, and it feels really good so far.

  • Jodie Meeks answers some questions.

    On his status as an early draft entrant: "If I am second round, I'll go back to school. (I) have no problem going back to Kentucky, I love playing there. It is a great place to play and Coach Calipari is a great coach. If I am top-25, first round, I'll probably stay in. Right now I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm just going to go through the process and enjoy it."
  • Jodie Meeks will visit the Sixers on Friday.
    Interesting. Ty Lawson, Tony Douglas, Terrence Williams and Stefon Jackson have also been invited. These are some of the fastest and most athletic guys from Combine.

  • Jodie Meeks' speed "out of nowhere?"
    I'm not knocking The Hoops Report for their blog on the NBA Combine results, I just got a giggle out of the fact that they were apparently surprised at Jodie Meeks' third place result in the 3/4 court sprints. Frankly, I'm surprised he wasn't first. I guess The Hoops Report hasn't seen Jodie play all that much.

  • NBA scouts miss on Meeks
    The NBA scouts will not miss Jodie next year, if he has to come back.

UK Football News

Other UK Sports News

  • Nothing so far today.

NCAA Sports news

Other News of Interest

  • Sypher attorney wants trial delay.
    Sypher's attorney said he has learned of more evidence and wants a delay.

  • Politicians and sports = oil and water
    Mind your own business, Cohen. Work on the economy, the environment, whatever floats your boat. Keep your hands off of sports -- you aren't qualified to mess with them, and you surely have more important matters to address.

The Daily Schadenfreude

  • Guilty, guilty, guilty.
    "I'm still willing to give current Kentucky Men's Head Basketball Coach John Calipari the benefit of the doubt. However, past history with Massachusetts and the current situation with Memphis indicate that Calipari, in his ambition to win at all costs, is allowing improprieties to be committed by his players." Heh. I just have to laugh at the inconsistency in that paragraph.

  • More fear and loathing from the Bleacher Report.
    I think all these guys secretly have a man-crush on Coach Cal. They just want him to pay attention to them.

  • What’s Going On With Rick Pitino? | U of L Card Game
    What, indeed? I suppose, given all the news that Traitor Rick would have rather not heard, he is just laying low to let the whole thing die down a bit. I think that is a good idea for him, and it usually works.