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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- Breaking News for Kentucky Fans

Okay, this story has just exploded in the last hour or so and we are going to need more than just a FanShot to talk about it.  The word is going around that Xavier Henry wanted to follow Calipari to Kentucky, but his mother refused to move here and he wanted to be near her.  So he and his brother C.J. agreed to come play for Bill Self at Kansas.

Here is the key -- Henry is not signed anywhere.  You can only sign one LOI per year, and Henry did that -- with Memphis.  When Memphis let him out of that LOI, he essentially became the college equivalent of a free agent -- he can just show up on campus and sign scholarship papers if the school wants to extend one and he is otherwise qualified.  His agreement with Self to come to Kansas is non-binding on either him or Self.

Apparently, Xavier Henry is now seriously thinking about coming to Kentucky instead of Kansas.  That would be huge for two reasons -- one, we have an available scholarship, and two, Henry would fill an immediate and crucial (if not quite desperate) need that UK currently has -- that of a shooting guard.  Henry is a remarkable, NBA -level talent that would significantly alter Kentucky's fortunes if he actually decided to come here.

Another thing that Henry would do if he came to Kentucky is make the 2009 recruiting class the undisputed, undefeated heavyweight class of all time, exceeding even the Fab Five of Michigan.  To my knowledge, no school has ever landed the #1, 2, and 3 ranked recruits as well as two other five-star players.  Henry would remove all doubt about the #1 class in modern college basketball history.

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