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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- News for Kentucky Wildcat Fans, June 3rd 2009

Day four of vacation 2009.  I did play golf yesterday, but my play was so loathsome that I won't comment further.  That's the bad news.

The good news is that but for an unexpected thunderstorm on Monday, the weather here on the Grand Strand has been wonderful.  My wife and I are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Getting back to the John Calipari/Memphis situation, it is unsurprising that many people who were originally looking at this as their, "Ah hah!" moment and hoping that the Evil Darth Calipari had finally been caught dead to rights are now slinking back into their caves.  Oh, there are few still out there hoping against hope that more will come from this hodgepodge of allegations and questions by the NCAA, and Memphis' compliance program is definitely not looking too good right now.  The most serious allegations are against the Memphis women's golf team, and even though the academic cheating question surrounding the men's basketball team is surely more spectacular, there seems to be very little that Memphis could have done in that case -- that is, assuming it turns out to be provably true, which at this point in time, it most assuredly is not.

Many will point to the failure of the player in question to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to him by the testing service to validate his test score as damning, and it certainly does not add to the credibility of his denial.  Still, one of the pillars of our society is that the accuser is generally forced to prove his/her case, not disprove the accusations.  With that tradition in place, and absent some sort of compelling evidence otherwise, it looks like the accused player will escape serious harm, as will Memphis by reason of what now looks like the reasonable claim that they could not have known, even if it turns out to be true, which they also cannot prove. 

As is typical in our society, many have already tried and convicted the player based on the circumstances, just as they tried and convicted John Calipari years ago.  There is no reasoning with these people, and I am done trying to do so.  Believe whatever you want -- the sky is red, the sea is orange, that pigs really can fly, and that truth does not need an objective basis.  Myself, I demand more than mere circumstances to draw such conclusions.

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