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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- UK Football Heating Up

At long last, the basketball talk is beginning to wane just a bit, and football talk is beginning to heat up.  We have several interesting pieces today about the UK football team, and even more about the SEC.  I will be adding an SEC news section now that we are firmly in the buildup for the nascent football season, and you may expect more and more football links as the summer wears on.

Of course, all this does not imply a dearth of basketball news or comment.  Both Ken and I have had plenty to say abou that, and you can definitely expect plenty of basketball comments as well as FanPosts and FanShots.  But we have been on a big-time roundball binge here since Calipari took over, and we can't forget our football team.

So now, on with the news:

UK Football

UK Basketball News

Other UK Sports News

  • None today

SEC Football News

NCAA Sports news

Other News of Interest

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