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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- UK News All Over the Place

I am going to change the format of the Big Blue Daily Mail a bit (things around here are always a work in progress) to be a bit more link based than links at the end of commentary.  I find myself taking so long to do the BBDM that I simply don't have time for anything else.  The new format will have the lead story on the front page, and everything else below the fold.

Today I will be at Churchill Downs all day.  It is the annual trip that I do with my wife to celebrate her birthday.  She absolutely loves to gamble, and especially loves to bet the ponies.  So that's were I'll be all day.  You can look for a tweet or two if something particularly good or bad happens there.  Perhaps I'll be betting on Coach Billy G.

Today's lead story is Jodie Meeks to the Milwaukee Bucks.  I am not the world's greatest NBA fan although I do watch and keep up with it, so those of you who are experts in the NBA might want to chime in and add some value to my comments.

On it's face, this looks like a good pickup for the Bucks since they recently traded away star swingman Richard Jefferson.  SLAM Online grades the Bucks draft as an A-:

Meeks gives Milwaukee a solid scoring option coming off the bench to help fill some of the void left by Jefferson. While he won’t be able to attack the rim and create a ton of offense as a slasher, Meeks is a big-time scorer who can light things up from the outside as he showed countless times at Kentucky this past season. With Jennings getting into the lane, Meeks can spot up and bury jumpers from the outside when he is on the floor. These two will take some time to develop, particularly Jennings, but the Bucks addressed two needs and they did it with quality picks.

I think Meeks will definitely be able to find backup minutes right away, and I am not 100% convinced that Meeks can't get his own shot -- he just didn't do so at UK very often.  He is a better spot-up, catch-and-shoot guy, but I do believe that he has the tools necessary to improve his handle and get into the lane or pull up for a jumper.  The question is, will Jodie see the value in putting in the work necessary to develop those skills if he sees good minutes as a spot-up shooter?  J.J. Redick as definitely worked hard on the other aspects of his game, for example, but there are others who have come in as catch-and-shoot guys that never try to expand their role.  Which one will Jodie be?

SB Nations' Bucks blog Brew Hoop likes the Meeks pick, although he was hoping for DeJuan Blair.  The Bucks do need some front-court help, so this makes sense.  For his part, Jodie Meeks can't wait to get to Milwaukee and join the team.  Of course, he first has to make the team, but I am convinced he will.  If he doesn't, he is likely going to have to take the Kelenna Azubuike route and that is a tough road.

A final note on Jodie -- did you know he will be playing with former Wildcat (and one of this blog's favorites) Keith Bogans?  I didn't, but I suspect there will be a lot more Bucks fans among the Big BlueNation than previously.

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