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Dicky's World

June 24, 2009

Hello.  Not much going on since the Buffalo workout.  My agents are calling teams, and seeing if they are making any roster changes.  I still have the Saints workout, but that is not for another couple of weeks.  So, in the mean-time I have to push my workouts and increase my "cardio".  I have to get into the best shape of my life.  When a team calls, and I get my chance, I do not want to lose it because I am out of shape. 

I am working out three-times per day now, making sure I waste no time.  "Time is what we want the most and use the worst."  I don't know where I heard that, but I like it.

Now, to answer a few questions:

Question: I am really wondering, besides quickness off the line and 40-yard dash speed, what do the pros look for in receivers?  I assume they look closely at how well you run routes, but after that, what is it that separates an NFL receiver from a guy trying to make the team?

DLJ: Last year I got the chance to sit down with Peyton and Eli Manning, and I asked them the exact same question.  They both said the same thing: "WORK ETHIC!"  They continued, "Do these guys like to work?  Do they do all the little things right?  Like blocking, running, going full speed on decoy routes, etc."  So that's what I try to do.

Question: Dicky, when you run into fans is there a certain memory that seems to come up more often than others?  Do fans always bring up the one-handed catch against Mississippi State, or the hit you put on (Craig) Steltz, or some other play?

DLJ: A lot of fans just like to say hi, and thank me for everything, and I always say "the pleasure is all mine."  I loved every moment I played for Kentucky.  And yes, those two memories come up a lot, and I don't blame them.  I think about them all the time, too.  My wife gets mad because when I need motivation I go to You Tube and watch those two plays.

On a personal note: My five-year high school reunion for Holy Cross High School is this weekend, and I am looking forward to seeing all my old buddies.

I also talked to Moncell (Allen) the other night, and he is doing great with school and football, and I predict a big season out of him.  Remember, I didn't step up until my third year.  Plus, Moncell is a Holy Cross boy!

Dicky Lyons, Jr.