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The Big Blue Daily Mail Welcomes Arkansas Expats to SB Nation and Hopes for the Renewal of a Rivalry

I'm sure most of the readers of A Sea of Blue remember those halcyon days back in the early 1990's when Arkansas and Kentucky developed what was then the best rivalry UK has perhaps ever had in the SEC.  Rick Pitino and Nolan Richardson went after each other tooth and nail, as did the players, and treated fans of college basketball to some of the most epic games ever.  Every season since 1995 I have hoped for the resurgence of that rivalry, and even when both teams tumbled into the pit of irrelevance over the last few years, I was denied.

Even if the rivalry has not yet been renewed, the Razorbacks have finally made it to SB Nation's family of blogs in the form of Arkansas Expats.  If the name sounds somewhat familiar, it is because the bloggers that formed Razorback Expats are in charge of this shiny new home for Arkansas fans.  You may remember John and Stephen from frequent Q & A's we have had over the years with them here, and we at A Sea of Blue want to welcome them to their new digs.

And now, the news:

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  • Talk UK Sports talks football
    Schedule toughness and offense are the two main obstacles he sees toward a fourth straight bowl. That's pretty much how I see it, too.

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