Harrison Barnes does not have nice things to say about us...

The number one player in the country expresses some very real concerns about the state of the Kentucky program in this interview.

How has the departure of John Calipari from Memphis to Kentucky impacted you?

It hasn’t really. He’s a good coach. I don’t know if I like the way they’re doing things right there now though. Seems like he left Memphis kind of in a bad situation and then guys at Kentucky are getting their scholarships taken back. I don’t know yet. It’s a competitive place though, you know college basketball, and it’s only getting more and more competitive.

This is the first that I've seen comments like this out there from our current targets. Its a real shame, because if there's one player that I want in a UK uniform... its Harrison Barnes. He's articulate, skilled, and will make a great ambassador for a program one day.

I fully support the difficult decisions made by our coach (with the possible exception of the Kevin Galloway situation), but I hope this is a temporary phase we are going through. I would hate for this to be something that becomes a real concern to recruits of the future.