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Dicky's World

June 14, 2009


I have been recuperating from the Falcon's workout, and preparing for the Bill's workout.  Mr trainer, Duke Rouse and Prime U are helping me with my explosion and my 40-yard dash starts.  This will help me shave a few tenth-of-seconds off my 40-yard time.  Hopefully, we can get the time down to the 4.4 range.

I'm leaving Buffalo Wednesday, where I will meet with Shomari Moore (former UK defensive back).  He is also trying to make it on an NFL roster, and we need to make sure we support him as well.

There will be a lot of players at this workout, compared to my other workout, but I like it that way.  This creates more competition and I love to compete.  What do you expect?!  I'm a Wildcat!

Dicky's World Q&A

ky1wildcats7: The No. 12 is my favorite for many reasons, but what was your reasoning for choosing to wear it at UK?  I don't think the NFL allows wide receivers to use No.12, so if you get picked up by a team, what would be your number of choice?

I understand you may not be able to answer this, but if you had to pick the team you would like to play for in the NFL, who would it be, and why?

DLJ: The first time I played football was in the 8th grade, the coach was handing out jerseys, and I got No. 12, and so it began.  Receivers can wear No. 12 in the NFL, but I'll take whatever they give me, then I"LL make the number.

I want to play for whichever team wants me to play for them.

scfcats: How long do your workout lasts, and are they typically the same?  Who runs the workouts?  Is it just you by yourself at the workout, or are there other players trying to get a spot? 

Last question: Who is involved in helping you get on an NFL roster?  I noticed you have a P.R. person, and I'm curious about these peripheral people, and what their roles in the process might be.  What does XAM Sports do, specifically, what do they do for you?

DLJ: My workout with Atlanta lasted around one-hour.  I don't know how the other teams work.  The workout was run by a combination of scouts, coaches, and trainers.  I was working out with one another receiver in Atlanta, but that was it.

XAM Sports is my agency.  I have two agents, Jason and Scott, who work on getting me in the NFL, and Shawn, who deals with public relations and a million other things.  They have been an instrumental part of every aspect of my training, media interviews, and just being really good people.  They really believe in me, and want to see me do well.  I will never be able to thank them enough for all their help.

cdnWildcatfan: Dicky, I get the feeling the NFL trend is toward smaller, quicker wide receivers.  Do you think this is the case, and if so, how much do you think this helps you?

While I get the feeling you'll make a roster somewhere, there is never a guarantee with these type of things.  If it doesn't work out, what are your plans?  Would you consider the Arena League, or the Canadian Football League for  a year before taking another crack at an NFL roster?

DLJ: When I look around the league at the wide receiver position I see a variety of athletes who all offer something different.  But, the one thing I notice are the receivers that stick around, year in and year out, are the ones that work the hardest.  Whether they are small and quick, or tall and fast, they have a great work ethic and are always trying to improve their skills.  Personally, if I'm playing, I want to be the best, so whoever is in front of me on the depth chart better bring his "A Game" every day, because as soon as he slips I'll be there to pass him up.

Right now my entire focus is making it onto an NFL roster.  I feel that if I start thinking about where else I could go, I will not accomplish my goal because I didn't truly believe in it.

On a personal note: I play chess.

Dicky Lyons, Jr.