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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- The Jodie Meeks Aftermath

As you might expect, today's main topic of the Daily Mail will be Jodie Meeks, and the commentary surrounding his exodus from college basketball.  Jodie only really had two good years at Kentucky, his sophomore year being an injury-hobbled affair where he was only able to impact the team for a few games early in the season before being struck with a nasty sports hernia that eventually required surgery to correct.

There were a number of games that Jodie really showcased his skills in before the tremendous season he had last year, the most memorable of which was the Louisville game at Freedom Hall in Jodie's freshman year, where Jodie showcased his trademark efficiency for the very first time, scoring 18 points in only 21 minutes of action, shooting 4-7 from the arc and breaking the back of an inept Louisville Cardinal team.  That performance by the Cards led a sudden outburst of anti-Pitino outrage which lasted right up until the 2007-08 game.

Another of my favorite Meeks memories was against Appalachian State last year where he racked up 46 points in 34 minutes.  That wasn't great competition, but it was a terrific performance by Jodie.  And of course, who could forget the record-breaking, "we're not worthy" performance by Meeks in Kentucky's beclowning of Tennessee last year.  Rare stuff, and one of the moments that made UK basketball interesting last season.  Sadly, that was virtually the high point of last season -- UK fans had precious few moments to cheer about thereafter.

So I suppose this post is a "farewell to Jodie" missive.  We will surely miss him, and the moments he provided us.  I know we all wish Jodie well in the NBA, and I am confident that, no matter what the outcome of the actual NBA draft, Jodie Meeks will be on a league roster next year if he remains healthy -- and I expect he will play quite a few good years in the Association.  Thanks so much for the memories, Jodie.  You provided a bunch of them, and we will miss you next year.

And now, for the news.

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    UK comes in at #56, just above Maryland one spot below ... Michigan? I wonder when the last time UK was ranked this close to Michigan by anyone?

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    Ira Combs is the second person I have seen with this view. It does make some sens, it would seem to the seasoned observer that UK is really a year away from being really good in football. The schedule for the upcoming season is particularly brutal, with many of the games against the more beatable foes in the SEC on the road. He also sees Jarmon's loss as more devastating than I do, but he does make a strong argument.

    Could this be the first no-bowl season for UK in four years? Let's hope not.

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