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11 June 2009

Hello friends.  As Bob Dylan once said, "Times, they are a changing," but apparently not at the airport, where I have been delayed for the second time in two days on my Atlanta Falcon's trip.  Other than that, everything went really well.

Atlanta Falcons Workout

I arrived in Atlanta Wednesday night and my workouts were not until 2:30 on Thursday.  In that time I managed to drink 15 bottles of water and use the restroom so many times I lost count.

I met with the Atlanta Falcons' scouts, weight coaches and trainer, and then began my workout: I checked in at 5'11" and 190 lbs.  I ran one 40-yard dash and was clocked at a 4.56.  My best time ever was a 4.43, so I was pleased with my time considering it's only seven months post-surgery.

I was put through a few warm-up drills, and then ran 10 different routes, twice.  I felt very fluent in my cuts, and my knee felt as strong as ever.

At the end of the workout I thanked the Falcons, who were very supportive and complimentary, for the opportunity.  They said they liked what they saw and would let me know if there was a spot for me on their roster.  They said it could be next week, during training camp, during the season, or not at all, so I have to keep working.  Next stop Buffalo!

Q & A

Maritajan says, "Dicky, you need a twitter."  -- I just got twitter because of the great advice from Shawn Smith, my PR lady with XAM Sports.  How do I like it?  So far I'm not impressed.  If only I had more followers.  Hint, hint, hint. 

I also know that wasn't a question, but I felt it deserved a response.  Plus, I read the comments, and I don't think anyone asked me one.

On a personal note: Father's Day is coming up and I have no idea what to get my old man.  He loves golf, horse racing and aggravating me.  So, if anyone has any ideas of what to get him, that would be great.  And yes, pancake puffs are still awesome.

Dicky Lyons, Jr.

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