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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- News for Kentucky Wildcat fans, May 30th 2009

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Beachin' again.
Beachin' again.

To da beach!

Well, it won't be the beach you see on your right, which is on the island of O'ahu where I spent a few days last year.  Instead, I am going back to my usual haunts on the Eastern Seaboard at Myrtle Beach.  So I will be out of pocket from a few minutes from now.

But before I go, here are a few news items for your perusal and comment:

UK Basketball News

  • Calipari will be calling in to the NCAA from China.  Hope he has a good long distance plan.
  • Calipari not at risk.
  • This KU fan gets it exactly right.  Maybe he needs to write for the Herald-Leader.
  • Jason King says UK has one of the greatest recruiting classes in NCAA history, and compares the best of the best.
  • The Quad does a pretty good job of analyzing the recent kerfuffle over Memphis and John Calipari.
  • George Robinson of the Leaf Chronicle says that the solution to all these NCAA issues is to pay the players.  Never heard that before ...
  • Chicago Public Schools is reviewing the processes that allowed three players at Simeon High and elsewhere have their grades changed.  That might be a real good idea.
  • The Commercial-Appeal says one-and-doners are the problem.  I think they're right, to a point.
  • Just what you would expect from the Florida media.  We'll have to hear this again after we spank the Gators next year.
  • Jerry Tipton questions Calipari's friends and acquiescences.
  • More fear and loathing from Tennessee.