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Sunday Newspaper for May 3 -- Late Edition

Barbaro Statue @ Churchill Downs (via <a href="">@bdthomas</a>)
Barbaro Statue @ Churchill Downs (via @bdthomas)

Well, I wasn't even close on the Kentucky Derby wininer.  Mine That Bird never even entered my darkest dark-horse dreams as a possible winner in the Run for the Roses.  But my wife, magically, did use him in her trifecta bet, but missed one of the others to come up just short of a $20K winner.  Life is like that -- we always seem to miss by just one.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the owner of Mine That Bird is the son of a key figure in the recently dismissed corruption trial of former Alaska senator Ted Stephens.  How strange this world can get sometimes.  But that does not detract from the spectacular victory the young gelding pulled off in the Derby.  The ride was remarkably similar to the one that Calvin Borel used to guide Street Sense to victory two years ago.

50-1.  What a longshot!  Now, for the news.

UK Basketball News

  • Jodie Meeks thinks the players picked up Calipari's offense pretty well during the April workouts.  I expect Meeks to be back to try it out.
  • Michael Eaves defends Coach Cal against charges of being "dirty."  I'll have more on this subject tomorrow in part three of my series on Calipari, but I really think Eaves nails it.  What gets me is why so many people keep coming from the other direction, when the facts really don't support the allegation that Calipari is a "dirty coach."  Looks like another prime time to embrace the hate.
  • DeMarcus Cousins named to the Courier-Journal's Super Five.  Via KSR.
  • Lee at has some advice for John Wall.
  • Cardsrock at the Card Chronicle wonders if U of L's recuiting is good enough.
  • Visits to colleges apparently don't mean much to the Henry family.
  • John Clay's Big Blue Links.

UK Football News

  • Winners and losers from UK's spring game.  Jamin Leger says that Mike Hartline is not the man for UK quarterback.  He has a point, but it will take a lot more to dislodge him than many think.

Other UK Sports News

  • Chris Rusin strikes out 17 Volunteer batsmen -- and loses.

NCAA Sports News

  • Joe Barton, Congress-critter of Texas, displays his moronic side.  Congress will fix the BCS, just like they've fixed, well, almost everything else -- for the worse.  Why can't politicians just pay attention to the really important stuff and leave sports alone?
  • Is Arizona about to make a move on Lance Stephenson?  If so, it would be quite a coup for Sean Miller.
  • Would UConn be lucky to have Nate Miles and Ater Majok stay in the NBA draft?  I think maybe so, because it would make the NCAA investigation into UConn's recruiting much more difficult, maybe even impossible.

Other News of Interest

  • Boston finally sends the Bullies home.  Great series.
  • The Dallas Cowboys run into problems when their practice facility roof collapses.  Injuries don't seem to be too major, and I think everyone reall got off lucky.