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Breaking News: The NCAA Alleges Major Violations at Memphis for the 2007-2008 Season

Via this FanPost, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal is reporting alleged major NCAA violations against the Memphis men's basketball program while John Calipari was coach.  The allegations include  “knowing fraudulence or misconduct” on an SAT exam by a player on the 2007-2008 Memphis team that went to the NCAA finals.

The part that will concern Kentucky fans is this:

Calipari, who left Memphis for Kentucky on March 31, is not named in the report, but the NCAA has requested his presence at the hearing.

It is good news for Calipari and UK that he is not named in the report, but this is the preliminary inquiry only and you can absolutely expect that any possible involvement by the UK nee Memphis coach will be fully explored by both Memphis and the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

This place is going to go nuts over the next few days, as these allegations, on top of all the hype the Calipari move to UK has produced is bound to create a major mediagasm, as well as a bloggasm of seismic proportions.  We will have much more on this story in the morning.

Sleepless update:  UK has issued a statement, which has been reported here.  Please note the relevant part:

It is normal procedure for the NCAA to ask a former coach to participate in a hearing. Therefore, Coach Calipari will participate as requested.

Coach John Calipari has received a letter from the NCAA stating that he is not at risk of being charged with any NCAA violations in this case.

I think that should just about put this to bed.  Me as well.  Tomorrow, we can enjoy the tut-tutting from our rivals, and we can make remarks like "Yeah, we got the second coming of the Teflon Don."  I dearly love Mafia references.  I think I'll watch The Godfather before I nod off. 

Tomorrow, we may see a few heads explode here in the River City.  I can hardly wait.