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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- News for Kentucky Wildcat fans, May 19th 2009

Can you say, "Holy cow!" boys and girls?
Can you say, "Holy cow!" boys and girls?

The big news of today is SLAM Magazine's report that John Wall has verbally committed to John Calipari.  Here are some of the reports we have seen so far:

OK, Jerry Meyer is now reporting it as well.  I'm going to call it official at this point.

More news to come shortly. [UPDATE]  Links are now up, more coming shortly.

UPDATE 1:  More, more and more john Wall.

UPDATE 2:  This may never end.  I know many of you prefer that.  This one contains some Bledsoe, too.

UPDATE 3:  Even more about John Wall, and what it Wall means.


UK Basketball News

  • More John Wall:  AJ's Big Blue NationBonami Jones, StraitpinkieChris Diggs, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports
  • Vaught:  Kentucky's patience with John Wall paid off.  It's a good think I'm not a recruiter, I'd be a lousy one.
  • Danny Jett is debating if Joe B. Hall is worthy of the Hall of Fame.  I think any coach who wins the national championship is worthy.
  • Marc Maggard was told by John Wall himself that he hasn't committed to anyone yet, but yet confirmed Clifton's remarks that he would commit to UK.  Marc thinks the phone calls are just not done yet.
  • Matt Jones has another side to the Wall story.
  • Chis Littman at's Sporting Blog is thrilled that John Wall commited to the 'Cats, and calls UK's recruiting class "ridiculous."  Indeed.
  • John Calipari names his three assistants.
  • UPDATE1:  More John Wall to Kentucky here.
  • UPDATE1: has an exclusive interview with Wall and why he chose UK.  One word answer -- Calipari.  More from CHN.
  • UPDATE1:  ThreeKB has a long post about Wall.  The Charlotte Observer has some Wall comments as well
  • UPDATE1:  TarEye or BuckHeel, a UNC blog, looks at Wall from a Carolina fan perspective.
  • UPDATE1:  College Hoops Journal says John Calipari is taking over the hoops universe.  Right at this moment, it would be a tough point to argue against.
  • UPDATE1Heh.  I wish.
  • UPDATE2:  The Duke reaction.  Ah, schadenfreude, so sweet.
  • UPDATE2: This blogger takes the John Wall commitment to another level, and takes the opportunity to write a brief history of Kentucky basketball.
  • UPDATE2:  Xavier fans seem ... displeased.
  • UPDATE2:  Stalking Darrin Horn has some interesting observations.
  • UPDATE2ZagsBlog has a long post about Wall to Kentucky, including quotes.
  • UPDATE2:  It just gets better.  Eric Bledsoe makes the grade.
  • UPDATE3:  Searching For Billy Edlin thinks John Wall makes UK a top 5 team.
  • UPDATE3:  Gary Parrish waxes hyperbolic ... NOT!  I wonder how Billy Donovan feels right about now ...
  • UPDATE3:  John Clay says this is the best UK recruiting class of all time.
  • UPDATE3:  Duke fans are rationalizing this.  Sounds awful familiar to me -- UK fans have been doing it for years.
  • UPDATE3:  Carolina fans are just happy it's UK blue and not Duke blue.
  • UPDATE3Realism coming out of Gainesville.
  • UPDATE3:  Rod Strickland was the first UK coach to get the word about Wall.
  • UPDATE3:  The Future of High School College:  John Wall.
  • UPDATE3:  This Kansas blogger condemns and praises Calipari vociferously in the same paragraph.  But more importantly, he acknowledges that Calipari is the dominant force in college basketball recruiting, and makes a rather ... ahem ... interesting suggestion, typical of a person who sees this for what it is -- the first shot in an arms race.

UK Football News

  • Larry Vaught blogs that football recruiting is going well and some recruiting news is on the horizon
  • Are Saban and Meyer corrupted by power?  According to Mr. SEC, Paul Feinbaum thinks so.

Other UK Sports News

  • UPDATE1:  Two 'Cats selected to the All-SEC baseball team.

NCAA Sports News

  •  Andy Katz has tons of stuff about college players testing the NBA waters.  He mentions the Wall commitment and thinks Jodie Meeks will be convinced to return by John Calipari.

Other News of Interest