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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- News for Kentucky Wildcat fans, May 17th 2009

News Flash -- there is no news to report about John Wall.  There is no real news at all about the UK basketball team.  John Calipari is doing what he does.  Everyone is holding their collective breath while we wait for Wall to decide when he will decide, and announce his decision to make a decision to the world.

One thing that we can all be very thankful for, and that is the fact that no matter what happens from here on out, UK basketball will have the top recruiting class in the land, and a team next year that will be among the most interesting in the history of Kentucky.  Why do I say that?  Well, it has been a long time since UK had a recruiting class this good, and the last four years of wandering in the sun-blasted crucible of irrelevance has the Kentucky faithful frothing at the mouth to dive into the vast oasis of talent, great story lines (Cal vs. Pitino, Cal vs. Pearl, Cal vs. Donovan), and the promise of our best season in a while.  The only problem is the seemingly endless summer that looms with little real news.  Even the hopeful-looking football team is not enough to assuage the emptiness that defines the UK sports fan these days.

One thing I did want to mention is that if you haven't gone back and taken a look at the Memphis vs. Kansas final that BBallSophist linked in the post below, you should.  You will get a little of the flavor of the dribble drive motion offense, and you will also notice that Calipari did not exclusively run this offense in that game.  You will get to see several post-ups and some conventional basketball as well as the now-famous DDMO.  So be sure to check that out when you have the time.

And now, for the news.

UK Basketball News

  • How mad is Calipari's Big Blue Madness idea?  It may be mad, but it isn't new.
  • Some recruiting news from Jody Demling.  
  • Slow down?  UK fans who have been starving for national relevance since 2006?  Heh.  Fat chance, coach.  Embrace the expectations.
  • One of Calipari's former players at Memphis, whom he was forced to dismiss from the team last year, is in trouble with the law.
  • Calipari has expressed greater interest in Harrison Barnes since taking over at Kentucky, according to this report.
  • George Robinson of the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle thinks that John Calipari will have a hard time selling the idea of neutral-site games to big programs.  He has a point about Nashville, unless there was some kind of return engagement somewhere closer to the opponent.  I think a game against Duke or Texas in Nashville would have to be considered semi-home for Kentucky, much as NCAA regionals in Charlotte are that way for the Carolina teams.
  • John Calipari will be subsidizing Rick Pitino and Walter McCarty with every cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee he drinks.
  • Heh.  No surprise.
  • What will be your legacy as a UK fan?

UK Football News

  • Can DeQuin Evans or Donte Rumph give UK immediate help at defensive end?  I hope so.  Also, more on Moncell Allen.
  • Tom Leach has a book coming out about Rich Brooks, and how he went from the verge of dismissal to the first UK coach to win three straight bowls.

Other UK Sports News

  • UK softball makes it to the Regional NCAA final, only to fall to Ohio State.  Congratulations to the softball team, they had a great year.  Plus, they return all but one player for next year.
  • The Bat Cats fall to Florida on an error, and ends their chance at post-season play.  Overall, a very disappointing season for a team that was ranked in the top 25 early in the season.

NCAA Sports News

  • Former Florida forward DeShawn Painter has transferred from UF to North Carolina State.  He says that he and Donovan are "straight."

Other News of Interest

  • The Celtics need more than history to win this game seven.
  • Tom Ziller at Fanhouse thinks Rick Pitino is using the Kings to drum up NBA interest.  Ziller believes that the Pitino to Sactown rumor was not driven by the Kings, and he thinks this indicates Pitino is ready to come back to the NBA.