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The Big Blue Daily Mail -- News for Kentucky Wildcat fans, May 12th 2009

This seems to be the right time to welcome back Kentucky's Patrick Patterson from his rather brief flirtation with the NBA.  I think all of us are really, really happy to see Patrick return, even though I do worry about the possibility of him getting injured.  But he addressed that in his press conference, and if he is comfortable with it, I can't imagine why I shouldn't be.

Patrick Patterson is very excited about his junior season.  I am especially impressed that he decided not to waste people's time by working out for them when he knew he would not be leaving.  Very mature.  I am also pleased that he seems to genuinely relish being a Kentucky Wildcat.  For us old-timers who really get provincial about the whole, "tradition," thing, Patrick's comments really warm the cockles of our dinosaur hearts.

Patrick cites three factors in staying -- his degree, playing for a contending Wildcat team, and Coach Cal.  Every one of those is a great reason, especially the first one.  This young man is truly leading this team by example -- in the classroom, on the floor, and even when he moves outside the UK family to explore his future career.  Patrick has always been a leader, and next year, he will have the opportunity to be the leader.  I truly hope he embraces that role and enjoys it to its fullest.

Patrick Patterson's mom and dad are also excited that their son is staying at Kentucky.  Mrs. Patterson was moved to tears by Patrick's decision to return and finish his schoolwork.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Patterson have always wanted their son to get his degree, but it seems clear from their comments that they were willing to let him move on if that's what he really wanted to do.  Clearly, it just wasn't, and I know the rest of the Big Blue Nation will want to join me in welcoming Patrick back for his junior season at UK, and hopefully his first experience in the NCAA tournament.

And now, the rest of the news.

UK Wildcat Basketball News

  • The curious case of John Wall.  Will Clifton convince Wall to play for Coach K?
  • More on Patterson's return from the Kentucky Kernel.
  • More new arena talk for UK.  Somebody help me -- what's wrong with the old one?
  • Schools know that Wall is worth the wait.  Mike DeCourcy examines the various schools who are Wall's suitors and evaluates them.  You have to draw your own conclusions as to which is the best fit.
  • James Watson writing for CHN thinks UK looks good with Patterson and Bledsoe.
  • John Adams writing for Go Vols Extra says John Calipari is good for the SEC.  He makes some very good points, but I wonder how that opinion will hold up come next March?  Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  • This is so ... tabloid, so stalkish.  The White Door, anyone?
  • Heh"In my mind Pitino’s renewed interest in the NBA is all about power and control. Let’s face it, with John Calipari coming to coach Kentucky next season, Pitino sees that his Louisville team is quickly going to become the second best team in the state. He wants to get out while he’s on top."
  • More Calipari voyeurism.
  • Heh.  John Calipar's dad, he sure did get around.
  • Governor Beshear to host Coach Cal for dinner.

UK Wildcat Football News

Other UK Sports News

  • UK approves a 72+ million dollar athletics budget.  That is $5 million more than last year.

NCAA Sports News

  • The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman writes that it is not the right time for Pitino to leave Louisville.  I agree with him 100%, and for exactly the same reason.  Don't even think about leaving, Rick.  Between you and Coach Cal, the Cats and Cards could make the Duke-UNC series look like a tilt between best friends.

Other News of Interest

  • Mark Cuban says he's sorry for the nasty altercation he had with Kenyon Martin's mother.  All I can say is that Cuban has never once considered the impact of his words.  When you have enough money, it's easy to fall into the perception that responsibility is something you don't have to consider until after the fact.  One of these days, it is really going to cost him -- and more than money.
  • Ten things you can expect from the Houston Rockets in game 5.
  • Historic Pauley Pavilion is getting a face-lift.
  • Could UK and U of L meet in the NCAA softball tournament?  Seems unlikely, but it could happen.