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Evening Newspaper for May 10th -- Big Blue Mothers Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there in the Big Blue Nation.  I hope everyone had a chance to be with their families and enjoy the beautiful day.

All the current talk is about John Wall and the scholarship crunch, and that is to be expected.  We have no real idea how all this will work out, but I think we can anticipate that there will be at least two more players on UK's current roster that will find it in their best interests to transfer to another school.  I won' rehash the names here, there is no need for that, but there is still an awful lot to be decided before we know the shape of next year's men's basketball team.

Now that Patrick Patterson has decided to return for his junior year, all eyes are on two players -- John Wall and Jodie Meeks.  While most believe that Meeks is likely to return, it is notable to point out that he has not withdrawn from the NBA draft, at least not officially.  If you had told me back earlier in the spring that Patterson would have been the first of the two to withdraw his name, I would have been skeptical.

There are now ten more days before the end of the fall signing period.  John Wall does not have to sign a National Letter of Intent at all, and there is virtually no doubt that almost any school would hold a spot open for him if he told them he was coming and declined to sign an NLOI.  I say, "almost," because I am not so sure Duke would, but I am confident that Miami, Florida and Kentucky would.  But at this point, we just have to wait and see what happens.


UK Basketball News

  • Joseph Goodman thinks that Nick Calathes must return, or John Wall must sign with the Gators for them to compete with Kentucky next season.
  • John Clay can't wait to see some, "real-live, honest-to-goodness basketball" this fall.  I think we can all agree with him on that, and I also think the chances of Kentucky dropping an early game to an over-matched foe are practically nonexistent next year.  That will sure be nice for a change.
  • Calipari and Pastern are mixing it up in recruiting, and Pastner is not backing down.  That could become a rather interesting dynamic.  Pastner is definitely at a disadvantage, but unlike some others in Calipari's coaching tree, he doesn't seem inclined to avoid crossing swords with Coach Cal on the recruiting trail.  That should force at least a grim smile from Memphis fans.
  • Kentucky rising to early pre-season top ten.  With Patterson coming back and the #1 recruiting class in the land, you have to think UK might just belong in there somewhere.
  • John Clay's Big Blue Links.  Got to admire Mr. Vilarino's spunk.  He may even be right, we'll have to see.
  • Bluegrass State Basketball on the chances of various players being at Kentucky next year.  I don't think there is any chance the seniors will be going anywhere, but everyone else is up in the air, in my opinion.

UK Football News

  • Recruiting and camps fill the agenda for the UK football team this summer.  I am really excited about the football team this year.  I really believe we will be improved over last year.

Other UK Sports News

  • UK baseball swept Auburn yesterday to keep pace with Vandy for the last spot in the SEC conference tournament field.

NCAA Sports News

  • Three Georgia football players suspended for the start of the season.  The dreaded "Violation of Team Rules" penalty.  One of them may not return.
  • Four of John Calipari's recruits at Memphis graduated this weekend.
  • Rick Pitino looks doomed to fight the ghosts of NBA rumors, and possibly others of a more personal nature.  I find it fitting and just that Louisville should have to live with the same rumors as UK fans did all those years when it comes to the NBA.  I'm glad Pitino isn't leaving, but I must say that I have experienced some pleasant schadenfreud at watching the Louisville fan base spin tight over these rumors.  Now, they know how we felt.

    For the other stuff, I wish it would all go away.  But it won't.

  • Bozich says Pitino's name is no longer coming up in connection with the Sacramento job.

Other News of Interest

  • Rest in peace, Chuck Daly.  You were truly a great coach, and you will be missed.