Media needs to show proof of NCAA violations


Larry Vaught is tired of the media taking shots at Calipari and providing no evidence of violations to support their oft-repeated claim that UK and Calipari are headed for a date with the NCAA Committee on Infractions. I think Larry is right about this. I was skeptical, at first, of Calipari coming here because of his alleged "shady" past, but after reading some fairly unpersuasive drivel written by numerous people regarding Calipari's alleged sins (which seem to be based on no real evidence), I think the allegations of suspicious behavior is less about reality and more about a green-eyed monster we all know well. I am beginning to suspect that Calipari has been the subject of a whispering campaign that has followed him for a decade with no apparent justification, driven instead by resentment of his amazing success. What it boils down to is that he wins too much, and he is not a media darling like Roy Williams (who has been caught with his hand in the NCAA cookie jar, albeit in a very minor way, but nobody seems worried that he will run Carolina off the rails). I'm jumping off the skeptic's bandwagon and on Larry Vaught's Missouri Express -- show me the violations, sportswriters, or shut the hell up about Calipari being shady. And by the way, you want investigate us, and earn yourself a Pulitzer? Sandy Bell would probably tell you to pack your lunch and jump on in, the water is nice and cold.