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Morning Newspaper for April 9th, 2009

The big news today is professional golf.

For the golfers among us, we know what today is -- the first round of the 75th Masters golf tournament.  This year's annual classic at Augusta promises to be among the most interesting in recent history, as the guy to my immediate right tees it up for his first major golf tournament since returning from knee surgery.

There are all kinds of subtexts and subplots in this year's Masters, from Woods' return to Phil Mickelson's stellar early play this season to the return of Greg Norman to the Masters for the first time since 2002, which Norman earned by a high finish in last year's British Open at Royal Birkdale.  All this and more will play out before our very eyes over the next four days, and as always, it will be a pleasure to watch.

Now, for the rest of the news.

UK Basketball News

  • Strange afternoon yesterday.  So right now, Daniel Orton is still officially committed to UK, even if he apparently told someone he was decommitting.  I guess the best thing to do is just keep our fingers crossed.
  • Marc Maggard at True Blue Kentucky helps clarify the Orton confusion.
  • John Calipari is on a roll.  College Hoops Journal looks at the ripple effects from Calipari's move to UK, most of which have yet to sort themselves out.
  • “If you play the way I ask you, they won’t even recognize you,” quoth Coach Cal to DeAndre Liggins.  The Kentucky Kernel takes a look inside John Calipari's practice.  Interesting.
  • Matt Jones says that he thinks Nolan Dennis is close to coming to UK, and is going to be playing in the Kentucky Derby Festival Classic, which you can watch right here on A Sea of Blue if you aren't going to be there in person.  Daniel Orton also clears up some things, and his commitment looks solid for the moment.
  • DeJuan Blair is going to the NBA.  Period.
  • Cousins catches Cat Fever.  Of Cousins, Paul Biancardi says, "He can score from almost anywhere on the court, which could make him a very effective player in a high-low set with Patterson."  Memo to Biancardi -- the high-low offense went out the door just after Alan Cutler chased Gillispie indoors.
  • Calipari shows a softer side at practice.  There are many words that could be used to describe former UK coach Billy Gillispie at practice, but none of them begin with "soft."  But I suspect that softness is more in demeanor than anything else:  "When you miss, you'll look over at me and say, 'I got fouled.'  I don't care about you getting fouled. Make the layup," Calipari told the players.  Sounds pretty tough to me.
  • John Clay says that Coach Cal sets a new tone for the team.  John rightly points out that there is no one way to be a successful coach.
  • Calipari begins to fill his coaching staff.

UK Football News

  • The defensive line had a really good day in practice yesterday.  Redshirt freshman quarterback DeAunte Mason was moved to tight end.  According to Brooks, Mason's arm strenght just isn't there for the QB spot.
  • Cornerback Paul Warford has broken his foot.  He is expected to be ready for August training camp, though.
  • More spring football notes from the Courier-Journal's Bret Dawson.
  • Chris Diggs at the Courier-Journal links Ken's interview with Dickie Lyons, plus has several other interesting links.
  • Statistically Speaking does some interesting statistical analysis of last year's SEC football teams, including Kentucky.  Must-read for you stat freaks.
  • Some football tidbits from Larry Vaught.
  • Is Kentucky doing a little "Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum." on Tennessee's checkerboard end zone pattern?

Other UK Sports news

  • The Bat Cats fall to Western Kentucky.

NCAA Sports News

  • South Carolina fans need to stop worrying about Darrin Horn leaving, according to Mr. SEC
  • The buyout game for college coaches.
  • Tasmin Mitchell declares for the draft, but doesn't hire an agent.
  • Around the SEC with Team Speed Kills.
  • There will never be a college football playoff.  So sayeth the Devil's Advocate.
  • DeMar DeRozan is headed to the Association, and expects to hire an agent.

Other News of Interest