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Afternoon Newspaper for April 28th, 2009

The room under UK's scholarship limit grew a little bit today, to -1.  As widely expected, Donald Williams is moving on, according to True Blue Kentucky.  Best wishes from UK fans to Donald, who did not play a single minute last year.

At this point, UK now has 14 players filling 13 scholarships, with the good possibility that it will be 15/13 before very long.  If Meeks and Patterson return, then two more players will have to decide to move on, or Calipari will have to pull a rabbit out of his hat.  There is a short list now of players who could make the decision to transfer -- Harrellson, A.J. Stewart and DeAndre Liggins.  After that, everyone returning is a senior, and transferring as a senior is not really an option.  Here is the list:

# Player Class Position
1 Cousins, DeMarcus Freshman Center/Forward
2 Dodson, Darnell Sophomore Forward
3 Galloway, Kevin Senior Guard/Forward
4 Harrellson, Josh Junior Center/Forward
5 Harris, Ramon Senior Forward
6 Hood, Jon Freshman Guard/Forward
7 Liggins, DeAndre Sophomore Guard
8 Meeks, Jodie Senior Guard
9 Miller, Darius Sophomore Forward
10 Orton, Daniel Freshman Center/Forward
11 Patterson, Patrick Junior Forward
12 Pilgrim, Matthew Junior Forward
13 Stevenson, Perry Senior Forward
14 Stewart, A.J. Junior Forward

As Matt Jones suggests, it is quite likely that this kind of roster flux will be happening every year from now on.  I know I am in the minority, but I have decided just to let things take care of themselves and not worry about it.  Every one of these players is good enough to play significant minutes somewhere, if not at UK, and so far, players faced with the decision have decided that it is better to be on the court somewhere else than just on the team in Kentucky.  So for those of you sweating the roster, don't worry -- be happy.

And now, for the news.

UK Basketball News

  • Vinnie Zollo remains cautiously committed.  Some interesting comments from Vinnie.
  • Here is an interesting take -- Derrick Jasper leaving set off a chain of events that led to the hiring of John Calipari.  Funny old world we live in, huh?
  • Heh.  Good times, indeed.
  • Bill Keightley Interview, week 1 and week 2.
  • Five reasons for Patrick Patterson to return.
  • This article at True Blue Kentucky says that there are quite a few negative attitudes still around, despite Calipari coming to Lexington.  Really?  I honestly haven't seen many, have you?  Maybe it's just me.
  • Calipari vs. Crean.  Just imagine what could happen on the basketball court if it's like this for Twittering.

UK Football News

  • The silent leader of UK's defensive backfield.  Silent assassin is more like it. 
  • Rob Gidel looks at the Kentucky depth chart.  For me, the best part about this depth chart is, well, its depth.  If we aren't careful, UK is going to mess around and create a real SEC football program one of these days.
  • Why all the interest in spring football?  Most likely the warm weather, according to this article.  Except in Alabama, of course -- the Tide would have packed their stadium in the middle of a hurricane.  Ranking the attendance in the SEC, Kentucky was 11th, but we were 19,000 ahead of #12 Vanderbilt, and only 64,000 behind Alabama.
  • UK offerers another Alcoa High School product -- Randall Cobb and Kyrus Lanxter's high school.  We've had some good luck there recently.
  • Kentucky football notebook.
  • Morgan Newton was "in Heaven" at the Blue/White game.  I can wait to see him in pads.

Other UK Sports News

  • Bat Cats take on the Louisville Cardinals again.

NCAA Sports News

Other News of Interest

  • Is Kentucky Fried Chicken losing its soul?
  • NBC plans week-long coverage of the Kentucky Derby this year.
  • Florida is cutting high school sports programs due to a strange tax assessment policy.  This could have repercussions throughout the South.
  • Quality Road is out of the Derby with a hoof injury.
  • Great Rajon Rondo article.  Via Chris Diggs.
  • Rondo reaching MVP heights in his game?  According to this Herald-Leader article, only one player in the entire NBA is playing better -- LeBron James.  That's rare air up there, Rajon.