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Morning Newspaper for April 21th, 2009


The Rick Pitino news story is still all the rage around the Commonwealth (and why not?  How often do we get such juicy scandals involving non-politicians?), but Ken has that covered in his latest post below.

So first this morning is a little NBA news.  The Bulls fell to the Celtics last night by three, 118-115.  Blog-A-Bull has more on the Chicago side of the story, while the CelticsBlog covers the Boston side of things.  But the real news other than the score was the fact that Boston point guard and former UK standout Rajon Rondo apparently suffered a sprained ankle in the game.  Hopefully he returns in full form for game three, which will be in Chicago.

Now, for the rest of the news


Kentucky Basketball News

  • Mark Story points out that it has been a weird turn-around for both UK and U of L basketball.  It is a study in contrasts that has taken place over about a month.  Things happen fast in college sports.  Rick Bozich hits on the same topic in much more detail here, including a Pitino dust-up with Terrence Williams in their season-ending loss to Michigan State.  Ah, schadenfruede -- where have you been for so long?
  • According to Larry Vaught, Daniel Orton is now 100% committed to UK basketball.  That is really great news, Daniel is going to be a star at UK, in my opinion.  I love his comments
  • UK Madness has some recruiting trail updates.
  • Adam Zagoria says that the Henrys will be at UK this coming weekend.  That's good news, for sure.  Zagoria says that Memphis is still a very real possibility for the Henrys if CJ can't transfer and play his first year.
  • Nolan Richardson speaks about several things, including Kentucky.
  • Patrick Patterson is strongly considering leaving, perhaps leaning that way.  If he is a first-rounder, I really think he should stay in.
  • [UPDATE 1]  More on Orton's decision to stay at Kentucky.  Some more good stuff on Orton in the recent Jordan Brand Classic here.
  • [UPDATE 1]  DeMarcus Cousins apparently has a bit of an attitude.  I do think the fact he decided to leave UAB and the state of Alabama could have had something to do with it, but frankly, I don't care as long as he behaves while he is here.
  • [UPDATE 1]  John Calipari -- Kentucky's next economic stimulus?

Kentucky Football News

  • Hartline earning praise for his efforts so far, but I still have doubts.  I admire Mike Hartline's effort and his desire, but I don't have as much comfort with his arm strength.  I am willing to be persuaded, but I will reserve judgment until we see him perform more.
  • Check out this video of Myron Pryor working out for NFL scouts.
  • Unexpected stars rise during spring practice.
  • A new start for the UK secondary.  Lindley says he wants to tackle better this year, and an epic battle seems in the offing for the safety spots.

Other Kentucky Sports News

  • UK men's tennis is rankded #12 in the land, and faces Arkansas in the first round of the SEC tournament on Wednesday.

NCAA Sports News

  • Larry Conley, late of Raycom, is available for employement and talks about his long association with the SEC, and the new ESPN-SEC deal.
  • Never too early to think about those tailgating rrecepies.  Mushrooms and bacon -- sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Other News of Interest

  • The NFL Draft is coming soon.  OverThePylon has a look.
  • A warning from the Kentucky Attorney General about stimulus scams.
  • Rick Pitino's accuser says she is scared, but will file no civil claim against Pitino.  Also, her mother says that Sypher "isn't able to tell the truth about what happened."  I wonder why?  I can think of no legal bar to the truth in this case.
  • Because we must.  Moral of the story -- be careful to have your ducks in a row before leveling accusations at powerful people.
  • Andy Kennedy gets a wrist-slapping.  Bad Andy.
  • [UPDATE 1]  The golden era of NBA point guards is upon us.