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Morning Newspaper for April 18th

There is a bit of interesting news today, some of it involving the man you see to the left.  As we know, Patrick Patterson has made himself available for the draft without signing with an agent, the so-called "testing the NBA waters" move that we see so often these days, understandably.

First of all, it's official -- Delk and Padgett are on the Wildcats coaching staff in entry-level positions.  Also in this article, Calipari gives Patterson some sage advice:

"I tell Patrick, if you're a lottery pick, you should go, because next year you will be in the lottery, maybe a top-10 (pick)."

Coach also cautioned against late first-round picks:  "The UK coach noted that a late-round pick typically belongs to a team with a better record, meaning a less chance of playing significant minutes. So the second contract is not for as much money."  I hadn't thought of that.  Perhaps this should inform Meeks' decision, as well.

And now, the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Calipari says that he doesn't plan to be coaching even ten more years.  That's not great news for those that were looking forward to a long and glorious run.
  • Former UK early, early commit Michael Avery visits Hoosierland.  Wouldn't that be a bit of irony if he winds up with Crean?
  • John Clay's Big Blue Links for today.
  • Kentucky now ranked #5 on Rivals' list of top recruiting classes.  If Henry or Wall come, it is a foregone conclusion UK will be #1.  If both come, it would be an unheard-of, historic class.
  • Chris Diggs is hearing that Barry Rohrssen, coach of Manhattan College, might wind up as Associate Head Coach at UK.  I don't know beans about this guy, but Chris provides some linkage for your further edification.
  • Matt Pilgrim talks to Larry Vaught about his future at UK.
  • Andy Staples at SI writes about "side deals" where top recruits are now requesting an automatic release upon request from the LOI if the coach leaves as a condition of signing an LOI with a school.  Even though Henry's Memphis deal did create some turmoil among the recruiting class, Staples points out (I think correctly) that it would be much worse in football, particularly if there were an early signing period.

    These "side deals" right now are confined to top recruits, and will likely remain that way, and if you are in the top five or so, it shouldn't be a problem.  But the NCAA's NLI director points out that the "side deals" are not enforceable by the NCAA -- if the school refused to honor their promise to void the LOI, the recruit would be stuck with the consequences of the LOI regardless of that agreement, and would have to seek redress in civil court -- or the court of public opinion.
  • John Calipari is buying quite a litte cottage in Lexington, according to The Big Lead.
  • Pre-draft changes could have major consequences.  I like this:  "And there's no limit to how good Kentucky could be if Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson decide to come back and John Calipari is able to bring Wall into the fold."
  • It just might take a while to restore the Kentucky brand, according to Coach Calipari.  "Solid but unspectacular" is a good way, I think, to describe Kentucky for most of the last ten years.  But here is the encapsulation of Calipari's vision:

    Calipari says there was a time not long ago that whenever he came across a member of the Kentucky staff on the recruiting trail, he would ask the coach if the Wildcats were seriously pursuing a certain player. If the answer came back "yes," then Calipari would wish them well and walk out, figuring he had no shot.

    Now that is a place we want to get back to.

  • Should John Wall join the D-league instead of the college ranks?  Ridiculous Upside makes the case, and I think it has merit.  Unfortunately, most of the benefit, in my mind, would not go to Wall, but to the D-league.  I think that might be a problem.  But it could happen someday, even if not with Wall.
  • [UPDATE 1] Jeremiah Davis is looking for the right fit, and Kentucky could be it.  But so could Indiana.
  • [UPDATE 1]  How weird would it be if Orton went to Memphis and Henry came to Kentucky?

Kentucky Football News

  • UK coaches excited about young, athletic secondary.  With Lindley back as the anchor, I think the secondary is going to be excellent this year with the return of Randall Burden and Winston Guy.  We all knew we were getting a good one in Guy who was a Rivals 4-star.  Get this: "UK Coach Rich Brooks called Guy the most talented defensive back he's signed since arriving in Lexington in 2003, and defensive coordinator Steve Brown concurred." 
  • Alan at Over the Pylon has highlights from Rich Brooks' SEC teleconference.
  • [UPDATE 1 ]Kentucky offense shines in scrimmage today.  Randall Cobb in particular drew praise from Rich Brooks.  KSR has some video here.
  • [UPDATE 1]  The Johnson brothers are ready for their senior year at UK.  Micah and Christian will be spending their last year together as Wildcats.  How awesome is that?
  • [UPDATE 1]  Daniel Orton and Xavier Henry together.  Daniel is a well-spoken, bright young man.  We are lucky to be getting him.

Other Kentucky Sports News

  • Gary Henderson and the Bat Cats beat their old coach.  Well, that's the first good news in a while for this year's Kentucky baseball team.

NCAA Sports News

Other News of Interest