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Morning Newspaper for April 16th

Coach Calipari, unsurprisingly, is everywhere all the time these days, making news on ESPN and just generally doing the kinds of things that we UK fans like to see our coaches do, including ... well, coaching, as we see on the right.

As an aside, I am making a few changes to the daily news post (which hasn't been all that "daily," especially lately) to accommodate my suddenly too-busy schedule.  Putting this thing together everyday with 20 - odd links takes a lot of time to dedicate all at once, So I will be starting out small and growing the post as the day goes on.  Be sure to also check the newsfeed on the left sidebar, as I do update that fairly often with stuff that is interesting, but not necessarily interesting enough to put in here.

So be sure to check this space later on in the day for additions.  I'll mark the "new" items by update #, of which I'll be doing some number.  So what you'll see is [Update 1] preceding each item in the first update, [Update 2] for the second, etc.

So with all that out of the way, it's time for the news

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Chris Fisher at Kentucky Ink has first-hand impressions of yesterday's basketball practice here and here.
  • Calipari quickly winning over the Wildcats.  "Cajoled, applauded and taught."  I like the sound of that.
  • DeMarcus Cousins is signed, sealed and delivered.
  • This guy thinks Calipari's leaving was all about the money.  I don't think so.
  • DeAndre Liggins tells Larry Vaught he would have left if Gillispie had stayed.
  • Patrick Patterson makes himself available for the NBA draft.
  • The great Dick Weiss talks about Coach Cal's tepid reception a a Memphis gig the other night.  Seems like the Memphis fans are rather put out with him -- and us.  Les misérables strike again.
  • Ouch.  No wonder Mempis is full of misérables.  If only Memphis and Arizona had asked Parish to join their search committees ...
  • Lance Stephenson as a Wildcat?  Hmm, you never know.
  • Fear and loathing in Memphis.
  • Calipari suggested Patterson join Meeks in "test the NBA waters."  I think he's right.
  • [UPDATE 1] UK workouts are also tryouts.  Harrellson and Liggins are in-limbo, according to John Clay.  No surprise there. "If I believe you're not going to play, I'm going to tell you," the coach said Wednesday. "Now, if a player chooses to come back, knowing he's not playing, that's OK. But you can't be mad in January and February if you're not getting off the bench. You've got to understand I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that."  That's a great attitude that I totally respect.
  • [UPDATE 1] John Wall talks his recruiting.  Patrick Patterson II, anyone?
  • [UPDATE 1] Calipari has his first call-in show tonight at 6:00 PM on the usual outlets.
  • [UPDATE 2] John Clay's Big Blue Links.
  • [UPDATE 2] Good stuff from Cat Scratches.
  • [UPDATE 2] Luke Winn has a long piece on John Wall with some very interesting information in there.  Worth the cup of coffee it takes to get through.
  • [UPDATE 3] Will it be KU or UK for Xavier Henry?  Looks like a tough call to me.
  • [UPDATE 3] Burks' Sports Talk takes on U of L's claim to elite program status.  I think he has a slam-dunk case.
  • [UPDATE 4] Calipari will hire both Delk and Padgett.

Kentucky Football News

  • Randall Cobb returns to contact drills.  I can't wait to see him this year.  He is such an exciting athlete.
  • [UPDATE 2] Cat Scratches has a live chat today with UK defensive line coach Rick Petri at 11:30 PM.
  • [UPDATE 4] Rich Brooks' teleconference earlier today, courtesy of Over The Pylon.

Other Kentucky Sports news


NCAA Sports News

  • [UPDATE 3] Classic.  Pun intended.


Other News of Interest

  • Gene Bartow diagnosed with stomach cancer.  That's too bad, our prayers go out to him and his family.
  • Kenny Perry made us proud.  Tough break, Kenny, but you are an inspiration to those of us who haven't seen forty in a while.