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Yet Another Calipari Open Thread (Dear God, let it end)

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If it looks like coach Cal is going nuts in this image, it's because he's trying to demonstrate how your humble correspondent feels.

The Big Blue Nation has officially gone off the proverbial reservation.  No work is getting done anywhere where there are a significant number of Kentucky fans.  I am declaring this a statewide holiday in Kentucky, so just kiss off your work, tell your Louisville-loving boss to pound sand, and use your work computer to view that ... @#@#$% white door.

The madness is complete, my sanity has been traded in for a white metal door in a brick building.  Fortunately, I have no hair to pull out.  As we speak, the men in white suits are pulling up and are bringing restraining devices, straight-jackets, and assorted tranquilizing agents dripping from six-inch needles.

I can hardly wait for the comparative sanity of a drug-induced stupor.  I hear Our Lady of Peace is nice in the spring ...

[UPDATE:  WVEG in Memphis:  Calipari heading to the airport for Kentucky.]