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The John Calipari Watch Continues ...

[UPDATE:  Rick Bozich is reporting that a friend of Calipari's told him that he is going to UK.]

[UPDATE:  WREG in Memphis is reporting that a source close to the situation is reporting Calipari has made his decision and it is UK.]

[UPDATE:  Calipari meeting with staff right now at his home.  News coming soon.]

Here we are, waiting to hear whether or not Memphis has successfully come up with a package that not even Kentucky can match, or if John Calipari of Memphis has decided that it's time to take on the challenge of the Big Blue Nation and the most storied basketball program in the country

With that said, here are the latest news stories I have been able to find:

  • The Quad at the New York Times says that UK is "the unintentional comedy king of college sports," and calls UK fans "neurotic."  One day, the schadenfreude will be reversed.
  • The Chattanooga Times-Free Press says that Calipari to UK would be great for the SEC -- it will give the SEC a villain.  I say if the SEC wants to think of UK as Darth Vader, I'm fine with that.  I also relish a Pearl-Calipari rivalry.
  • WBKO quotes an anonymous Memphis booster who expects Calipari to be gone.
  • Mr. SEC asks if Kentucky is a great job right now.
  • UK and John Calipari could be a dangerous marriage.  With the infamous SI cover sitting right there as if we had forgotten.
  • Billy Donovan finds long-term home with Gators.  I think the only reason Donovan is still at Florida is because he does not want to uproot his young family, and he makes enough money.  When those kids grow up, Donovan's wanderlust will kick in.
  • The Rich Brooks Makers Mark bottle.  You know you have hit it big when you have your own Ford truck edition and a Makers Mark bottle.
  • Congratulations, Jodie Meeks.
  • The impact of Calipari coming to Kentucky -- to West Virginia.

More later.