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Morning Newspaper: End of Season Edition


The UK 2008-09 basketball season came to an end last night in the Joyce Center in South Bend, Indiana, in the third round of the NIT.  Notre Dame's three-point shooting was just too much for UK to overcome, despite a valiant comeback that saw them get to within five points.  But they would get no closer.

Despite a report from True Blue Kentucky that Coach Gillispie has been dismissed, there are no other sites reporting that right now.  Many people expect this to happen, though, so it certainly would not come as a surprise if this were the case, and Marc Maggard does have some solid sources in the program.  But for the moment, there are no mainstream media reports out there to confirm his job status, so as far as I know, he is still the head basketball coach at UK.

Now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Anything but Gatorade looks at some possible replacements if Gillispie gets the heave-ho.  Funny.
  • Rush the Court rehashes rumors past and present, and comes up with a mathematical formula that equals Gillispie packing his bags.  That part is not particularly insightful, but what is worse are who he lists as possible replacements.  Travis Ford?  Darrin Horn?  John Pelphrey?  Really?

    Hiring any of those guys to replace Gillispie would be Athletics Director malpractice, from a résumé standpoint.  All of them are great guys with Kentucky ties, but of all the coaches he lists, only Donovan has the experience to even sniff an interview as the UK coach.  If Gillispie is indeed gone and Barnhart hasn't learned that lesson, well ... all I can say is, I hope Barnhart knows the name of a good realtor.

  • GJ Vilarino named All-State in Texas, class 4-A.
  • Gillispie "shows little emotion" after the Notre Dame loss.  John Clay calls Gillispie's replacement as UK head coach a "nearly foregone conclusion," and said that Gillispie coached and acted no differently.

    I disagree.  I have seen subtle changes in Gillispie's sideline demeanor since the last game of the regular season.  He is more attentive to his players and less sarcastic.  He has also lost that weird squat for long stretches of the game.

  • Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson are officially non-committal on their status with respect to the NBA draft.  It really doesn't matter what they say right now, with so much up in the air, we could hardly hold them to any statement they make.
  • Gillispie's fate could affect Alabama and Georgia's coaching search.  I hope not.
  • Andy Staples at Sports Illustrated writes the article that the Herald-Leader sportswriters should be writing -- the truth.
  • Danny Jett says this is a weird time for Kentucky basketball.  I could not agree more.
  • Brett Dawson says that all we really know is that Kentucky's season is over.  That's the reality right now.
  • Mike Casey is in critical condition, according to this report.  Our prayers go out to Mike and his family.
  • Let the drama begin.  I don't know about you, but I am tired of Kentucky being known as the drama queen of the college basketball world.
  • Victoria Sun says Daniel Orton will go elsewhere if Gillispie is fired.  She implies that Barnhart has messed up this situation by keeping mum, and I agree with her.

Other Kentucky Sports News

  • UK baseball drops a game at West Virginia.

NCAA Basketball News

  • UConn looks to be in serious NCAA trouble, according to this Yahoo! sports report.  The evidence they give is compelling, and this further highlights the dangers of working with "the people" that have begun to surround the young, talented players.

Other NCAA Sports News

  • A kinder, gentler Kiffin watch.