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Morning Newspaper for February 9th

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The most surprising baffling news of the morning was the strange collaboration between Allison Krauss, a bluegrass artist of supernal talent, and Robert Plant, former frontman for the legendary rock group, Led Zeppelin.  I'm generally not a big fan of the Grammys, but my wife always makes me suffer through them.  I was completely amazed that Krauss and Plant could not only successfully create something worth listening to, but that they could pull off two Grammy awards in the process, including Album of the Year.

They say if you live long enough, you will see everything.  I'm now checking the Grammy for duo of bluegrass artist and 1970's rock icon off the list.  Now, for the rest of the news.

Kentucky Basketball News

  • Seth Stogsdill, Gator Hater.  Has kind of nice ring to it, no?
  • Nervousness among UK's fans?  Do tell.  Chris Diggs defends Billy Gillispie at some length.  Like the rest of us, he does not understand Gillispie's substitutions, but is willing to go on a little faith, citing Ben Howland and Rich Brooks as examples.  I think he makes some good points here.
  • More about the mythical "third option."  Bugger a third option -- we just need everyone other than Meeks and Patterson to demonstrate that they know how to play basketball.
  • Bozich thinks that UK will beat Florida because Florida doesn't defend well.  I think he is more likely right than wrong.
  • Kentucky-Florida preview at Wildcats Thunder.
  • Matt Jones has a little news, but not very much.

Kentucky Football News

  • A Washington Times sports blogger has an interview with Joker Phillips about succession plans.
  • The Bleacher Report ranks SEC coaches.  Well, at least Brooks isn't in the bottom two where he used to be all the time.

NCAA Basketball News

  • LSU defeats rudderless Tide.
  • Illinois beats Purdue in a mild upset.
  • More dissin' of the SEC, this time from the Courier-Journal.
  • Things just get worse for Indiana.
  • Jerry Tipton's AP Poll ballot.
  • Is time running out for Jeff Lebo at Auburn?  Track em Tigers seems to think so.
  • Rocky Top Talk looks at the state of the SEC in basketball.

NCAA Football News

  • More Lane Kiffin hilarity.
  • Some familiar names not invited to the NFL Combine.

Other News of Interest

  • This was a stupid ruling originally, and now the Kentucky Court of Appeals has overturned it.  If it is appealed, the Kentucky Supreme Court should uphold the appeals court ruling. 
  • Power outage problems in Kentucky are slowly getting addressed, but we still have a ways to go.
  • Musicians with Kentucky ties win four Grammys.  Congrats to all.
  • UK women fall to Vanderbilt.