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Morning Newspaper for February 5th


Duke was crushed by Clemson last night, 74-47.  Wow.  Talk about your epic fail.

The other big story of yesterday was Kentucky's football recruiting class, which very well may have been the best in history for the 'Cats.  It  is interesting to note that despite that fact, UK's class was still only 11th best in the SEC.

Now, for the news.

Kentucky Basketball

  • Gillispie Speaks in Little Rock.
  • Jerry Tipton says Meeks needs help to get rolling again.  I think that's right.  We should definitely do a better job of setting screens for him, but ultimately, we just have to be more aggressive on offense and stop this passive, fearful-looking stuff that has been killing us.
  • The Loathsome Troll Jeff Goodman says Meeks and UK are fading fast.  I hate it when that guy is right, but once in a blue moon, he can at least make a compelling case for the obvious.
  • Losing is the disease.  Winning is the cure.  Works for me.
  • Kenny Colston says that success takes time and turmoil.  Oh, no, the "T" word has been dropped.
  • Adam Bartel says that Kentucky's losing skid is the curse of Jeannine Edwards.  Could be -- maybe Billy should give her another call.
  • Mark Maynard says the 'Cats have "lost their way."  Not so much, I think, as other teams have found their way  beating them.  UK must now find a solution to their solution.
  • Matt Jones' source says UK basketball is back to normal, and that the team eruption reported earlier was "greatly overblown."  Good to hear.
  • Heh.  OK, Bozich, prepare for a visit from my heavies.

Kentucky Football

  • Rich Brooks signs his best recruiting class ever.
  • John Clay says we can thank our past football stars for this recruiting class.  I think he's right.
  • Illinois gets the mercurial Justin Green.  Well, good riddance, I say.
  • Jeff Drummond of the Cats Pause has more on the 2009 recruiting class.
  • Brooks expects immediate help from his latest class, according to Chip Cosby.  I expect at least two and possibly four will be able to contribute immediately.  The article also tells us that Mike Schwindel and Josh Minton will hang up the cleats for good.  Accumulations of injuries have forced them to move on from football.
  • Fanhouse talks about UK's recruiting class, and notes that UK and Vandy were the only SEC schools not to hit the top 25.  I guess we'll just have to live with what we have for now.  Brooks has been great at evaluating overlooked talent.  The Cats were ranked 32 by Scout and 44 by Rivals.
  • More on the UK recruiting class from the Courier-Journal.
  • Jody Demling has more on UK's sleeper signee, Johnathan George.

NCAA Basketball

  • Miami takes down Wake Forest -- hard.  First the Deacs lose to Va. Tech, beat the Dookies at home and now hit a 2-game skid including a severe drubbing.
  • Speaking of the Dookies, the butt-whipping they suffered last night at the hands of Clemson was reminiscent of Kentucky at Vanderbilt last year, a true take-behind-the-woodshed-and-spank-that-ass thumping of epic proportions.
  • Missouri defeats Texas, their second straight loss at home.  Unfortunately, UK knows that feeling.
  • Ole Miss is on a roll.
  • Tennessee escapes at Arkansas.

NCAA Football

  • Top surprises on Signing Day.  Most of them involved SEC schools.

Other News of Interest

  • Hal Mumme's surgery went well.  Good.
  • UK's women are in a four-game losing skid.  Yikes.
  • Western Kentucky gets a killer recruiting class.